World Trade Center Archives at UC Berkeley

PowerPoint Slides

  1. First PowerPoint slide created by Professor Astaneh after 9/11
  2. Some of the first photos taken on October 8, 2001
  3. Photos taken by William Farrington
  4. Photo of identification number stamped on steel members of the WTC towers after their fabrication
  5. Presentation to some members of the Committee on Science on NSF Day in 2002
  6. First draft of presentation at NIST Workshop, February 19-20, 2002
  7. Presentation at NIST Workshop February 19-20, 2002
  8. Presentation at hearing held by Committee on Science March 6, 2002
  9. Presentation at Canton, OH chapter of the AISE in 2002
  10. Future needs of research and lessons learned from WTC collapse
  11. How the World Trade Center towers were constructed
  12. Structure of the World Trade Center
  13. PowerPoint prepared for news media interview
  14. Toppled towers lessons learned
  15. Presentation to Chi Eplison at UC Berkeley 2002
  16. Presentation for Cal Day 2002
  17. Presentation to Science Committee 2002
  18. Presentation to UC Berkeley Alumni 2002
  19. Presentation to Lawrence Hall of Science staff 2002
  20. Presentation to City of Los Angeles engineers and firefighters
  21. Comments at presentation on NIST proposed plan to study WTC collapse
  22. Presentation at San Jose Building Division meeting 2002
  23. Presentation to UC Berkeley Civil and Environmental Engineering students
  24. Engineering rapid response to disasters
  25. Presentation to City of Los Angeles engineers and firefighters