World Trade Center Archives at UC Berkeley


National Science Foundation (NSF) documents

  1. Proposal on World Trade Center
  2. Abstract of Proposal on World Trade Center
  3. Progress report on UC Berkeley project
  4. Amendment to Proposal on World Trade Center
  5. Summary of UC Berkeley project
  6. Paragraph on UC Berkeley project
  7. Program and list of participants for NSF Day on Capitol Hill
  8. Report on participaton in NSF Day

Congressional Hearing Testimony documents

  1. Invitation from Committee on Science
  2. Charter for Committee on Science hearings
  3. Financial disclosure letter to Committee on Science
  4. List of experts who testified at Committee on Science hearings
  5. Testimony at the Committee on Science hearings
  6. Questions and answers during Committee on Science hearings
  7. Report on testimony at Committee on Science hearings

ASCE/FEMA documents

  1. Release form from ASCE/FEMA
  2. Letter from FEMA to Committee on Science
  3. ASCE BPAT report review
  4. Comments on ASCE/FEMA report
  5. Request to FEMA for WTC drawings

Other documents

  1. Abstract of WTC project
  2. Document released by LERA on ETC design
  3. Article on WTC
  4. Article on fire engineering
  5. Resume
  6. NIST invitation
  7. Abstract for session at AAAS
  8. Abstract of XE presentation
  9. Abstract for structural faults conference
  10. Biography for introduction
  11. Abstract for presentation at Los Angeles City Hall
  12. Abstract for presentation at San Jose City Hall
  13. Letter of thanks from Mayor of Los Angeles
  14. Letter from Leslie Robertson on WTC design
  15. Paper discussing WTC project
  16. Abstract for presentation at Lawrence Livermore National Lab
  17. NIST seeing public technical input on WTC
  18. Suggestion for a 9/11 day to honor first responders
  19. Membership advisory panel of Skyscraper Safety Campaign