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This webpage is for archival purposes only. It is no longer being maintained. Please see our new website at http://lib.berkeley.edu/EART



Annual meetings of the
American Geophysical Union.
Supplement to EOS
Geological Society of America
Annual meeting abstracts
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G63.C56 1985Longman dictionary of geography:
human and physical
G63.S53 1989Modern dictionary of geography
G103.W451 1972Webster's new geographical dictionary
G103.5 W42 1988 Webster's new geographical dictionary
G108 A2 M841 Multilingual dictionary of technical terms in cartography
1973 (Terms given in English, French, Italian, Russian, German, etc.)
GA102.D5Dictionary of mapping,
charting and geodetic terms
GA198 T6Tooley's dictionary of
GB10 E531 1985Encyclopedic dictionary
of physical geography
GB10 H82 1988Dictionary of concepts
in physical geography
GB10 M66 1978Dictionary of Geography,
by W.G. Moore, 4th ed.
Physical geography
GB10 W48 1984Penguin dictionary
of physical geography
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GB1003.P48Elsevier's dictionary of hydrogeology
1969. Short definitions in
English, French, German
GC9.F281 1988Facts on File
dictionary of marine science
QB14.T83Dictionary of Astronomy
space and atmospheric phenomena
QE5.A481 1976Dictionary of geological terms
QE5.C45 1986Challinor's dictionary of geology
QE5.C66 1990The concise Oxford dictionary
of earth sciences
QE5.D541 1983Dictionary of earth sciences
QE5.D55 1984Dictionary of geological terms
QE5.M365 1984McGraw-Hill dictionary of earth sciences
QE5.M52 1980Dictionary of earth science
English-French, French-English
QE5.P871Terms of geology and related sciences
English-Indonesian, Indonesian-English.
QE5.R81 1983Russian-English
geological dictionary
QE5.T85Diccionario geologico
Ingles-Espanol, Espanol-Ingles
QE5.V3Dictionary of geologic terms
English-Greek, Greek-English
QE5.W6513 1982Dictionary of geosciences
QE392.R39 1988Dictionary of gemology
QE423.M58 1985Dictionary of rocks
QE862.D5 G65 1982New dinosaur dictionary
QE862.D5 S226 1990New illustrated dinosaur dictionary
TA706.S65Dictionary of geotechnics
TN10.C31 1970International dictionary of
metallurgy, mineralogy, geology
TN269.S5241 1984Encyclopedic dictionary of
exploration geophysics
TN865.C47Elsevier's oil and gas
field dictionary
TN865.I431 1985Illustrated petroleum
reference dictionary
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GB10.M64Dictionary of the natural environment
1978. Geology, geomorphology, hydrology,weather
GB494.G3 1906Dictionary of altitudes in the United States, 4th ed.
QH13.G68Dictionary of the biological sciences
QH540.4 A441 1989Dictionary of the environment
QH541 C6591 1988Dictionary of ecology and the environment
TC9.T85 1985Elsevier's dictionary of water
and hydrolic engineering
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Earth Sciences Societies and organizations:
Worldwide directory of national
earth-science agencies and
related international organizations
QE23.D55 1985Directory of societies in earth sciences
TN867.G46Geophysical directory
(See the latest issue in the Periodical Rack)
QC805.A2O741 1986International directory to geophysical research
Geography departments, United States and Canada
G76.5 U5A74Guide to departments of geography in the United States and Canada
(Washington, D.C.: Association of American Geographers)
Library has: Current edition only
Geophysical education
QC807.6 U6L35 1983Directory of geophysical education. 1983
Geoscience departments
QE40.A53D5Directory of geoscience departments, North America
(Published annually by the
American Geological Institute.
Latest edition on reserve)
Geoscience organizations
QE1.G665Directory of geosciences organizations
see: Geotimes, Oct. issue (every year)
A copy is in the directory folder
QE500.G464 1982/83Geothermal world directory
QE361.A1I51World directory of mineralogists
Publishers' addresses
Z282.F585001 hard to find publishers
and their addresses. 1981/82 ed.
Scientific and technical societies
AS5.N3 1968Scientific and technical societies
of the United States
Q145.S36 1987Scientific and technical organizations
and agencies directory. Vol. 1-2
T11.5 M5 MAINDirectory of technical and scientific
translators and services
Water resources
GB1001.G76 v.10:2Directory of consultants and
contractors in ground water
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American Association of Petroleum Geologists
See: TN1.A46
Directory in last issue of each vol.
American Association of Petroleum Geologists
AAPG Pacific Section
See: TN12.A5, Reserve/Dictionary
American Geophysical Union
See: special issue of EOS on Periodical Rack
QC801.A56, usually no. 41 of year
American Institute of Professional Geologists
See: QE1.A52a, Periodical Rack
American Meteorological Society
See: QC851.A65 (comes with the Bulletin)
Certified Petroleum Geologists
See: TN867.D45, Reserve/Dictionary
Geochemical Society
See: QE515.A1 G4 (end of vol. 54)
Geochemica et Cosmochemica Acta (1990)
Geological Society of America
See: QE1.G45 Y4, Reserve/Dictionary
Geophysical directory
See: TN867.G46, Periodical Rack
Geothermal Resources Council
See: Bulletin HD9682.U53 G3
Society of Exploration Geophysicists
See: TN269.G414, Periodical Rack
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GB10.F3Encyclopedia of geomorphology
GB450.4 E53 1982Encyclopedia of beaches and
coastal environments
GC9.F3Encyclopedia of oceanography
HD9560.5 I59 1988International petroleum encyclopedia
HF5853 E54 1978Encyclopedia of geographic information sources
QC854 F34Encyclopedia of atmospheric sciences and astrogeology
QE5 E5 1984Encyclopedia of applied geology
QE5 E5151 1988Encyclopedia of field and general geology
QE5 F331 v.1Encyclopedia of world regional geology
Part 1: Western hemisphere
QE5 M29 1988McGraw-Hill encyclopedia of the geological sciences
QE355 E49Encyclopedia of mineralogy
QE355 R6 1990Encyclopedia of minerals
QE392 A691 1987Color encyclopedia of gemstones
QE461 E56 1989Encyclopedia of igneous and metamorphic petrology
QE471 E49Encyclopedia of sedimentology
QE501 E581 1989Encyclopedia of solid earth geophysics
QE515 F241Encyclopedia of geochemistry and environmental sciences
QE601 E531 1987Encyclopedia of structural geology and plate tectonics
QE703 A721 1986MacDonald encyclopedia of fossils
QE711.2 P541 1985Enciclopedia illustrada dei fossilis
QH540.4 M31McGraw-Hill encyclopedia of the environment
S592 E52 v.1Encyclopedia of soil science
TA402 C66 1989Concise encyclopedia of mineral resources
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E154 O4 1991Omni gazetteer of the United States of America
G103.5 C65 1998
G103 L7 1962
G103 L7 1952
G103 L7 1898
G103 L7 1880
Columbia Lippincott gazetteer of the world
(check GLADIS for other locations at UCB)
Online version
G103 U53, etc.Gazetteer: official standard names approved by the
United States Board on Geographic Names
Online version
G103.R4 v.1-2 1864Ritter's geographisch-statistisches Lexikon
G102.G2 v.1-14Gazetteer of the World: Dictionary of World knowledge. 1855 ed.
E155.G34 1993 compu/dGNIS Geographic Names Information System digital gazetteer
Online version
G103 W451 1972 Webster's new geographical dictionary
G103.5 W42 1988Webster's new geographical dictionary
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G107.9 B74 1979Glossary of geographical terms. 3rd ed.
fG108 E5N35Glossary of technical terms in cartography
QC801.9 S471 1984SESC glossary of solar-terrestrial terms
QE5 A48 1960Glossary of geology and related sciences
QE5 G37 1987Glossary of geology
QE5 M841 1988Multilingual thesaurus of geosciences
TD392 V36Water and water use terminology
TN10 W671 1975World mining glossary of mining, processing
and geological terms
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I19.4/2:900/989Guide to obtaining USGS Information
Govt. Pubs. (published in USGS Circular 900)
GA108.7 C55 1992Cartographic citations: a style guide
QE5 N413 1980Geological nomenclature
QE48.85 G441 1984Geowriting: a guide to writing, editing,
and printing in earth science. 4th ed.
QE75 W5 v.1-2Lexicon of geologic names of the United States
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Mathematical tables and Periodic table of the elements
QD65.C5 1984/85CRC handbook of chemistry and physics.
(On reserve at the Earth Sciences Library
Check GLADIS for other copies at UC Berkeley
Mineral statistics
QE75.P6 v.817U.S. Geological Survey. Professional papers
QE75.P6 v.820U.S. Geological Survey. Professional papers
: Summary, petroleum and selected mineral statistics for 120
countries, including offshore areas
United States mineral resources
QE75.C5U.S. Geological Survey.Circular 682
Summary of United States mineral resources
Petroleum statistics
QE75 .P6 no. 817U.S. Geological Survey.Professional paper
Summary, petroleum and selected mineral
statistics for 120 countries, including offshore areas
Sunrise and sunset data
QB216.U64 1977Sunrise and sunset tables for key cities
and weather stations of the U.S.
(Shelved at General Reference and the Astronomy Library.)
Tide tables
Water Resources
Center Archives
410 O'Brien Hall
U.C. Berkeley campus
Tide tables published by the
U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey worldwide coverage
(including the Pacific Ocean, Hawaiian Islands, South America, Pacific Coast)
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