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This webpage is for archival purposes only. It is no longer being maintained. Please see our new website at http://lib.berkeley.edu/EART

GIS Workstations
GIS Data Collection
GIS Users at Berkeley
Internet Resources

GIS Workstations

Two GIS workstations, PCs equipped with CD-ROM/DVD readers, USB 2.0 ports, and zip drives are available for public use in the Earth Sciences & Map Library. Each machine is loaded with ArcGIS, a GIS software product, which provides full interactive mapping and data analysis capabilities. Information on ArcGIS is available from ESRI. Access to the internet and the many internet resources in GIS is available from all of the library's public workstations.

GIS Data Collection

The majority of the library's collection of GIS data is available on CD-ROMs and DVDs.
A few sample titles are below; for more information, see the list of CD-ROMs and DVDs in the Earth Sciences & Map Library.

  • Africa Data Sampler
  • Alquist-Priolo earthquake fault zone maps [shape files]
  • ArcEurope Base map & Demographics
  • ArcWorld
  • ArcUSA
  • China : the environment
  • China National Data
  • DAAC GTOPO30 --global digital elevation model (DEM)
  • Digital Chart of the World
  • Digital map database of China
  • Eco-Atlas San Francisco Bay --modern and historic datasets
  • ESRI Data & Maps --world data set in shape files
  • ESRI U.S. street database
  • GCIPS reference datasets (GREDS)
  • Global GIS Database: Digital atlas of Central and South America
  • IndiaMaps
  • Landsat-7 digital georeferenced data for California
  • Pesticide use report database for California
  • SureMaps Raster - 7.5-minute topographic quadrangles for California & Nevada
  • SureMaps Raster 1:100,000 topographic quadrangles for California
  • TerrainBase: Worldwide Digital Terrain Data
  • UC Berkeley & City of Berkeley GIS datasets
  • Wessex TIGER 92 US Streets & Boundaries
  • Wessex US Demographics for Zips, Race/School/Work, Income and Households
  • Wessex Streets ver. 5.0

The library's collection also includes digital databases on floppy disks, such as the UNESCO/FAO Digitized soil map of the world. In addition, each GIS workstation is loaded with the GIS data layers for the City of Oakland.

GIS Users at UC Berkeley

The following departments and units use GIS in their work on campus:

This list of GIS users on campus may not be exhaustive. Please contact the Earth Sciences and Map Library to have your department or unit listed here if you use GIS in the course of your work.

Internet Resources

GIS Information and Instruction
Besides the resources offered at the library, another source of GIS information and instruction is available on campus: The Geospatial Innovation Facility (GIF) offers a variety of GIS workshops and a page of geospatial data sources.

ESRI Mapping Center provides in-depth information on cartography in GIS. This resource focuses on creating quality cartography in GIS projects using ArcMap. The site includes many useful tutorials including:

Internet Sources of Information about Geographic Information Systems, provided by Lloyd Reeds Map Collection, McMaster University Library, Hamilton, Ontario, includes several links to GIS information, guides and resources.

yellow dot GIS Library, from ESRI, a bibliography that covers the literature of geographic information systems, science, and technology. It indexes journals, conference proceedings, books, and reports from the origins of GIS to the present. There are over 80,000 resources indexed by the site, some with full text pdf files available for free.

yellow dot Links to GIS information on sites provided by Opzijnbest.nl.

Downloadable GIS Data
The main source for digital GIS data is various federal and state agencies, and much of it is available for downloading over the internet. Some major resources are listed below:

Africover Initiative Project provides a digital georeferenced database on land cover and ageographic referential for the whole of Africa including: geodeticalhomogeneous referential, toponomy,roads, hydrography. The MultipurposeAfricover Database for the Environmental Resources (MADE) is produced ata 1:200,000 scale (1:100,000 for small countries and specific areas).Africover is an FAO/UN project.

BARD --San Francisco Bay Area Regional Database provides 4 layers of downloadable data for the Bay region through their Digital Map Library.

  • Digital Line graphs (DLG)
  • Digital elevation models (DEM)
  • Digital Raster Graphics (DRG)
  • Digital Orthophoto Quadrangles (DOQ)

California 7.5-minute DEMS (Digital Elevation Models) available for downloading from the Earth Sciences & Map Library's website.

CalAtlas provides access to California’s physical and cultural GIS information. In addition to the downloadable data files in shapefile and raster format, metadata and sample views for each layer area available. DRG - Digital Raster Graphics for California can be downloaded as well.

California State Lands Commission, includes geographic information on state coastlines and fisheries in ArcInfo export files (*.e00), plus links to other California GIS data sites.

California Statewide Database contains downloadable census data including Census 2000 block geography, Assembly, Congressional, County and precinct files. File formats: ArcInfo, MapInfo, Maptitude.

CIESIN Columbia University's Center for International Earth Science Information Network, specializes in global and regional network development, science data management, decision support and training, education and technical consultation services. CIESIN is the World Data Center A (WDC-A) for Human Interactions in the Environment. Site provides FTP access to international GIS datasets. SEDAC Gateway provides search and retrieval of SEDAC's (Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center) Data and Information Catalog Services. Multiple Catalog Search Service is also available.

yellow dot Contra Costa County Watershed Atlas The Contra Costa County Watershed Atlas (Atlas) is a large format, full color, 150-page book of maps, statistics and text about the 28 major watersheds in the County. Though focused on the state of natural ecosystems on the watershed scale, the Atlas also provides information about the human community and the county as and eco-region. An electronic .pdf file of the Atlas is available for download (for free).  GIS data for the county is available, after registration, from the county government mapping site.

Land Processes Distributed Active Archive Center (LP DAAC), including:

ESRI, in conjunction with Geography Network, has downloadable data sets on their website, which may be downloaded for free or for a fee. Some highlights include:

GIS Data Depot A service of Geo Community provides free downloads and custom CD creation from the GIS Data Depot's inventory of geospatial data.

GLCF Global Land Cover Facility at the University of Maryland provides downloadable remote sensing imagery.

International Geospatial and Attribute Links These links build upon Stephan Pollard's "Starting the Hunt" web site, begun at CAST and hosted by the University Libraries from 2001-2005.

SANDAG Digital Boundary Files & Layers San Diego Association of Governments' ArcInfo export files available for downloading, including: Administrative Boundaries, Basemap Features, District Boundaries, Land Cover and Activity Centers, Transportation.

U.S. General Soil Map (STATSGO2) Select the state of interest in the NRCS Soil Data Mart or request multiple survey areas via the Geospatial Data Gateway. Spatial data are available in ESRI® shapefile format. Tabular data are available as text files (.txt) in ASCII, pipe (|) field delimited format, and double quote text delimited format. A Microsoft® Access® template database has been prepared for use with the U.S. General Soil Map tabular data and is available from the Soil Data Mart.

Toxics Release Inventory provides ArcInfo export files (*.e00) for US states.

United Nations Environment Programme / Global Resource Information Database (UNEP/GRID) Clearinghouse Node Downloadable GIS worldwide dataset for population, administrative boundaries, terrain, soil, and vegetation.

U.S. Census Bureau provides a wealth of data through its FTP site, including data for the following: demographics, income, housing, and geography (including TIGER files).

US GeoData USGS Geographic Data Download from the EROS Data Center. Includes:

  • 1:250,000-Scale Digital Elevation Model (DEM)
  • 1:2,000,000-Scale Digital Line Graphs (DLG)
  • 1:100,000-Scale Digital Line Graphs (DLG)
  • 1:250,000-Scale and 1:100,000-Scale Land Use and Land Cover (LULC)

US Topo is the next generation of digital topographic maps from the U.S. Geological Survey. Quickstart guide (pdf) available.

Western Region Geologic Information Server (USGS) provides digital earth science information including on-line maps, reports and other data. Much of the data is in ArcInfo export files.

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