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The Stacks

The Stacks, obviously, are where we shelve our book collection. Items are shelved using the Library of Congress call number scheme which files books by subject matter and geographic area. Since this library contains a specialized collection, most of it's materials fall within specific call number ranges. The call number ranges listed below, will give you more specific information for locating items in a certain field. Many of the books in our Library are stored offsite at the Northern Regional Library Facility (NRLF) in Richmond, California. These items can be request from the service desk. Make sure you have NRLF storage number.

Call Number Ranges
"G" Geography, Atlases, Maps
"GA" Cartography, Mapping and Surveying
"Q-QZ" Science (including QC-climate, QE--Geology)
"T-Z" Technology, Mineral Depossits/Industries, Bibliographies

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