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Map Collection

This is the area of the Library which houses the Map Collection, one of the largest University map collections in the United States, containing over 360,000 maps issued by local, federal, commercial agencies, foreign governments, and international organizations. Originals for the 20th Century, and facisimile maps for the pre-1900 period cover all countries of the World at various scales. The collection contains general maps as well as thematic maps dealing with a wide variety of cultural, economic, and physical subjects.

In addition to sheet maps many items have been reproduced on microfiche/microfilm or are available on CD-ROM. The collection also contains approximately 60,000 aerial photographs of northern California. Supplementing the map collection, there are atlases, place name gazetteers, and books on the history of cartography, mapmaking and surveying.

The collection is arranged by geographic area and is fully cataloged. Records can be searched in the Library's Catalogs. Information is also available on how to find maps in the Library's online catalogs both by call number and by subject.

If you wish to see some examples of our maps, make sure you check out our on-line digitized maps.

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