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Computer Workstations / Online Catalogs

Computer workstations throughout the library provide access to our online catalogs and to various other online databases. To go immediately to the catalogs, just click on the word "catalogs" on the bottom buttonbar of this, or any other, Library web page. Two computer workstations are dedicated for use with our large collection of CD-ROMs and DVDs. These workstations also have Arcview software for GIS (Geographic Information System) applications.

Remote Databases are accessible through telnet or Web connections. Complete information on database access is available by clicking here.

The following databases are useful for earth science information:

The Earthquake Engineering Abstracts database (EEA) contains article citations and abstracts. The EEA database covers earthquake engineering and earthquake studies.Included are topics in structural dynamics, seismology, geology, architecture, political science, economics, planning, public policy, and hazards mitigation as they relate to earthquake studies. EEA includes records for journal articles, conference papers, technical reports, maps, videos, slides, and computer files. Records in the EEA database are provided by the National Information Service for Earthquake Engineering, located at the Earthquake Engineering Research Center (EERC), UC Berkeley. The database includes records for materials published since 1983. New records are added quarterly.

Access to the GEOREF database is provided by Cambridge Scientific Abstracts. GeoRef contains citations for journals, conference papers, theses, and other publications in the fields of geology and geophysics. Citations cover the years 1785-present for geology of North America and the years 1933-present for geology of other areas.

Includes Science, Social Science, and Arts and Humanities Citation Indexes. Each index is a multidisciplinary database searchable by topic, author, journal, address, and cited reference.

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