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Case D

These cases house small flat maps in call number order. Large sized maps are shelved in Case B size files, which are approximately twice the size of Case D.

The Library has over 365,000 maps in its collection. Originals for the 20th Century, and facisimile maps for pre-1900 maps cover all countries of the World at various scales. The collection contains general maps as well as thematic maps covering a wide variety of cultural, economic, and physical subjects. If you wish to see some examples of our maps, make sure you check out our on-line digitized maps Information is also available on how to find maps in the Library's online catalogs both by call number and by subject.

Some major categories include:
  • Maps produced by the U.S. Geological Survey, U.S. Forest Service, CIA, Bureau of Land Management, National Ocean Service, Defense Mapping Agency
  • Topographic sets for foreign countries at various scales and dates
  • Nautical charts - worldwide coverage
  • Aeronatical charts - worldwide coverage
  • Transportation / Roads maps
  • Major cities of the world
  • Facsimiles and
  • Thematic maps including:
  • Census and demographic data
  • Economics geography
  • Political geography
  • Historical and military geography
  • Facsimile maps
  • Agriculture information
  • Soils
  • Vegetation
  • Climate
  • Transportation and communications
  • Regional and city planning maps
  • Etc.
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