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California Topographic Maps

These map cases house the U.S. Geological Survey 7.5 and 15-minute topographic quadrangles covering California. This is an historic set of maps dating back to the 1890's. All variant editions are retained. The set also includes quadrangles published by the Corps of Engineers, the Army Map Service, the Defense Mapping Agency, and the U.S. Forest Service. For many areas we also have orthophotoquads.

Sheets are arranged by quadrangle name and then by date. To located the sheet you need, the first step is to consult the USGS state index map and determine the quadrangle name for your area of interest.

Sample Index Map

15-minutes of longitude

7.5-minutes of longitude

Scale 1:62,500

Scale 1:24,000

15-minute quadrangles were published from 1895 to the 1960's
7.5-minute quadrangles replaced the 15-minute maps around 1950-

San Francisco Bay Area maps have been scanned and are on the Web

More information is available on Topographic Maps

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