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Map Collection

This webpage is for archival purposes only. It is no longer being maintained. Please see our new website at http://lib.berkeley.edu/EART

Library Map Locations
Finding Maps and Atlases
Printed Materials: Maps, Atlases & Books
Electronic Resources
Internet Resources

Library Map Locations

Atlases, maps, and gazetteers are available in print, microform, and electronic formats in several of the UC Berkeley libraries. The Library'sprimary collection of maps and other cartographic materials is located in the Earth Sciences & Map Library,50 McCone Hall. Other campus collections include The Bancroft Library's historical maps of California and western North America and the East Asian Library's historical maps of Japan and gazetteers of East Asia. Maps and other cartographic materials at UC Berkeley can be located by searching the library catalogs.

Finding Maps and Atlases

OskiCat is the catalog used to find maps and other items in most of the UC Berkeley libraries. Melvyl is the catalog of materials available from the libraries of the ten UC campuses and other research collections in the state.

The best way to find maps or atlases in these library catalogs is to searchby "subject keyword" and limit the search by publication format"maps." Cartographic materials such as gazetteers, aerialphotographs, and nautical charts can also be searched by "subjectkeyword." For some examples of subject searches, see Using SubjectHeadings to Find Maps and Atlases in the Online Catalogs."Title keyword" and "call number"searches are also useful for locating maps.

In addition, many maps can be found in books and periodicals throughout the library. See Finding Maps in Books and Periodicals for more information on these sources.

Printed Materials

The Earth Sciences & Map Library has the largest collection of maps in northern California and one of the largest university map collections in the United States. There are over 450,000 maps and aerial photographs in its collection, issued by local, federal, and commercial agencies, foreign governments, and international organizations.

Maps and Aerial Photographs
Original maps for the 20th Century and later, and facsimile maps for pre-1900 maps, cover all countries of the world at various scales. The library's collection contains general maps as well as thematic maps showing a wide variety of cultural, economic, and physical subjects. In addition, the library collects aerial photography of Northern California and major cities and satellite imagery for various parts of the world. A searchable Catalog of Aerial Photography, as well as some sample flights with scans of air photos, are available on-line. If you wish to see some examples of our maps, make sure you check our digital tour of thumbnail maps or browse all our digitized maps via the Library's web catalog OskiCat. Major map categories include the following:

  • Maps produced by the U.S. Geological Survey, U.S. Forest Service, CIA, Bureau of Land Management, National Ocean Service, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA, formerly NIMA and DMA), foreign and international mapping agencies.
  • Topographic maps, including sets for foreign countries at various scales and dates
  • Nautical charts - worldwide coverage
  • Aeronautical charts - worldwide coverage
  • Road maps
  • Major cities of the world
  • Thematic maps, including:
    • Census and demographic data
      Economic geography
      Political geography
      Historical and military geography
      Facsimile maps
      Agricultural information
      Transportation and communications
      Regional and city planning maps

Atlases and Books
In addition to flat map sheets, the Earth Sciences & Map Library acquires supplementary print materials in the following categories:

  • Gazetteers listing place names with latitude and longitude, or descriptive locational information for all countries of the world. They are used for locating place names on maps.
  • Atlases: state and national atlases are collected, containing general geographic maps, as well as maps showing various thematic subjects, such as cultural features, economic conditions, census information, physical features, etc.
  • Folded Maps and materials supplemental to flat map sheets, such as indexes and texts, are shelved with other books.
  • Cartography: books on the history of mapping and mapmakers, general books containing information on surveying, mapping, map symbols, and map projections. (Technical works on surveying and photogrammetry are included in the Earth Sciences collection.)
  • Bibliographies: books listing map holdings by subject or for various institutions and libraries around the world.
  • Catalogs and addresses of map publishers

Reference tools such as bibliographies, directories, gazetteers and indexes help in locating specific information. A listing of the Library's more important reference titles is available. There are also several reference resources available online, including a Cartobibliography for maps of Nicaragua and a Dictionary of acronyms in GIS, cartography, and remote sensing.

Electronic Resources

The Earth Sciences & Map Library's collection includes CD-ROMs and DVDs pertaining to mapping information, several electronic atlases, and selective databases. Networked PC workstations are available for patron use. See the list of CD-ROMs and DVDs at the Earth Sciences & Map Library for specific titles in the collection.

Internet Resources in Maps and Cartography

Networked computers are available to the public for access to the vast resources found on the Internet. Some good gateways to cartographic information on the Internet are listed below:

Gazetteers | Maps & Cartography | Other Links


  Canadian Geographical Names Database Provides a searchable database for Canadian geographic names.

  Columbia Gazetteer Online A database of names, descriptions, and characteristics of over 165,000 places in the world

  Gazetteer for Scotland

   Gazetteer of Australia searches over 210,000 geographic names of Australia and locates places on maps. Data provided by the Committee for Geographic Names in Australia.

  GEOnet Names Server The GEOnet Names Server (GNS) provides access to the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) database of foreign geographic feature names. Information in this database has been used to prepare and publish the series of foreign country gazetteers approved by the U.S. Board on Geographic Names (US BGN).

  GNIS Online Data Base Query Form of the Geographic Names Information System (GNIS), developed by the USGS in cooperation with the U.S. Board on Geographic Names (BGN), contains searchable information for almost 2 million physical and cultural geographic features in the United States.

  Great Britain place names found on the Ordnance Survey's Landranger maps

  Jepson Place Name Index California place names that are used on specimens in the Jepson Herbarium.

  The JewishGen ShtetlSeeker can search the towns in Central and Eastern Europe or list all of the towns within a certain distance of given latitude/longitude coordinates.

  Odden's Bookmarks Large list of links to online gazetteers

  Place Name Servers on the Internet A listing from Arizona State University

  Poland Topographic Map and Gazetteer A service of the Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization, Polish Academy of Sciences.

  Thesaurus of Geographic Names The Getty Information Institute's database contains 900,000 places arranged in a hierarchical structure, representing all nations of the modern world

Maps and Cartography

  Alexandria Digital Library for spatially-indexed information at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

  Bay Area Transit Information, including many transit route maps, such as the following:

  California Geographical Survey is a digital database created and maintained by the employees and students of the Department of Geography at California State University Northridge.

  California Topographic Maps This page is a clearinghouse of links for online California topographic maps.

  Centennia A computer graphic guide to the history of Europe and the Middle East from the year 1000 AD to the present. Includes dynamically evolving maps showing over 9,000 border changes and is accompanied with an online text.

  Checklist of Online Vegetation and Plant Distribution Maps, compiled by Claire Englander and Philip Hoehn.

  City of Oakland Parcel maps

  Digital Atlas of California, by Professor William Bowen of the Department of Geography, California State University, Northridge

  Early Washington Maps: A Digital Collection A collaboration between Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections at the Washington State University Libraries and the University of Washington Libraries, provides online maps spanning 300 years for Washington State.

  Earthquake Hazard Maps - San Francisco Bay Area from the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG)

  Electronic Map Library Digital atlases created by Dr. William Bowen of the Department of Geography, California State University, Northridge.

  Finland 500 Years on the Map of Europe shows how the country developed from a sparsely inhabited and remote Swedish province into a developed European state during a period lasting half a milleum.

  Florida Map Collection  A collection of contemporary and historic maps of Florida, dating from 1564 through the present. This is an ongoing Publication of Archival, Library & Museum Materials (PALMM) project to digitize and provide online access to maps of Florida in the State's public universities.

  GIS data bases of the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) includes compressed ArcInfo export files.

  The GIS FAQ This is an index of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Geographic Information Systems (GIS) along with answers to these questions. The FAQ is a resource of the comp.infosystems.gis newsgroup which is connected to the GIS-L mailing list.

  Hargrett Library, University of Georgia, Rare Map Images

  Historic Atlas and Map Valuation and Conservation A list of Web resources, provided by Stanford University, for appraising antiquarian maps and atlases.

  Historic Cities A joint project of the Historic Cities Center of the Department of Geography, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Jewish National and University Library.

  Historical Atlas of Canada (University of Toronto)

   The Bourbonnais and France: The Production of Space Destiny Made Manifest Through Architecture

  History of Cartography Project from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

  How far is it? A distance calculator for places around the world.

  Kentucky Atlas & Gazetteer

  Land Case Maps in the Bancroft Library A Guide to the maps of private land grant cases of California is available online, through the Online Archive of California (OAC). The maps in this collection accompanied private land claim cases in the U.S. Northern and Southern District Courts (ca. 1850-ca. 1890) and were used byCalifornia-Mexican land owners to establish legal claims to property.

  Map Collections: 1544-1999 The Library of Congress' online maps, including:

  Map History / History of Cartography - THE Gateway to the Subject

  Maps and References A huge list of links, including online maps, atlases, glossaries and much more, provided by University of Iowa's Center for Global & Regional Environmental Research.

  Le Monde Diplomatique Map Collection: a political look at territory provides many online thematic maps from around the world, and their Middle East maps focus on issues of the Near East and northern Africa

  National Atlas of Canada

  National Geologic Map Database A searchable index of USGS and state geological survey geologic maps.

  Natural Resources Canada: Maps

  New Hampshire historic quadrangles (1890-1950) USGS 15-minute series

  New York State Maps: Cartographic Images Created Prior to 1830, provided by the Map Collection of the University at Stony Brook Libraries

  Odden's Bookmarks Links to over 20,000 map and cartographic resources

  Periodical Historical Atlas of Europe from 001 AD to 1700

  The Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection, Univ. of Texas at Austin Lots of map images available here (mainly CIA maps). Be sure to check out their Map-Related Web Sites for links to many other online maps.

  Peter Dana's Overviews of Global Positioning System (GPS), Geodetic Datum, Coordinate Systems, and Map Projections are useful documents.

  Poland Topographic Map and Gazetteer A service of the Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization, Polish Academy of Sciences.

  Ryhiner Map Collection, project of the University Library of Berne, includes the catalog and a digital archive of some of its 16th-18th century maps.

  Soil Survey Manuscripts An online collection of maps providing access to Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) soil survey information.

  Tiger Mapping Service (TMS) maps of the Bay Area

United States State Coordinates coordinates of each state's boundaries

  University of Waterloo cartographic information

  USGS Map Information includes information on map products, aerial photography, geospatial data, and educational resources.

  ZIP Code Geography and Mapping from UC Santa Barbara.

Links To Other Internet Resources

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