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Digital Scriptorium back home at Berkeley

Back home! With many, many thanks.

Back at Berkeley! Back to the t.l.c. of the Bancroft Library!

Digital Scriptorium began its life in 1997 with a grant from the Mellon Foundation, as a joint project of the University of California, Berkeley and Columbia University. Its management and technology home remained there until 2003, when these functions went to Columbia; present transfer processes began over a year ago, and have intensified in the recent months, as DS now returns to California.

First big change: a new URL, and one that will remain in place: http://www.digital-scriptorium.org

DS aficionados will see that there are more records, more images; you may even notice cleaner descriptions: there's been lots of editing by lots of partners in the years since the last refreshing of the website. New partners, too! The Lilly Library of Indiana University, the University of Vermont, General Theological Seminary of New York, the Walters Art Museum, all have begun to add records and images; and DS has its first overseas member: we welcome the American Academy in Rome. The coming year will see the first presence of descriptions and images from the Beinecke Library of Yale University; we are in discussion with other possible new partners. So come back to say hello frequently, as more and more material becomes available.

What will be visible only in its results is the committed work of the technical teams in the two universities; our magic in successfully typing a search, pressing a button, reading, seeing, finding, learning, enjoying has depended always and depends now upon the intelligence, the expertise and the good will of so many people. At Columbia: Chris Antkowiak, David Arjanik, Ben Armintor, Terry Catapano, Joanna DiPasquale, Dmitri Laury, Stuart Marquis, Dave Ortiz. At Berkeley: Mary Elings, Lynne Grigsby, Giulia Hill, Dan Johnston, James Lake, Jenny Nelson, Todd Parks, Alvin Pollock, Erik Rumppe, Kurt True, Lisa Weber, Xiuzhi Zhou, David Zuckerman.

All this happens as the very man who wrote that very first grant application retires: three cheers for Charles Faulhaber! Pretty fine idea you had there!

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