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Italy, s. XVex
Bound after Columella, De cultura hortorum (Padua: D[ominicus?] S[iliprandus?], ca. 1480); GW 7181.
ff. 1-5v: Palladii Rutilli Tauri Emiliani de Institucione [sic] Liber ad Pasiphilum virum doctissimum feliciter incipit, Habes aliud indultae fidei testimonium pro usura temporis hoc opus de arte institucionis [sic]…[Text:] Pasiphile ornatus fidei cui iure fatemur/ Si quid in archano pectoris unbra regit [sic]…Aspera sed miti rusticitat [sic] leges. [ff. 6-7v, blank]
R. H. Rodgers, ed., Palladii Opus Agriculturae, De Veterinaria Medicina, De Insitione (Leipzig 1975) 293-301; see also Rodgers, An Introduction to Palladius, University of London, Institute of Classical Studies, Bulletin Supplement n. 35 (London 1975) for the tradition of the Carmen de insitione, pp. 59-65, and for a list of the manuscripts, this one not recorded.
Paper (Etoile of the general type of Briquet 6077, Palermo 1479 with sim. var. also Venice 1460-71), ff. 7; 210 × 143 (145 × 113) mm. 16(+6). 24 lines of verse written in a hasty cursive humanistic hand, heading on f. 1 in an epigraphic display script. Opening initial, 4-line, in plain red; 2-line plain red initials, versals touched in red, headings lined through in red. Bound in modern paste paper boards. Written in Italy at the end of the fifteenth century; the person who copied the Palladius text may also be the one who annotated the Columella; the red underscoring and the red touching of initials appear in both to be by the same person. Acquired by Henry E. Huntington from Otto Vollbehr on 23 March 1925.
Secundo folio: Conexumque nemus
Bibliography: Mead, n. 3901.
C. M. Briquet, Les Filigranes: dictionnaire historique des marques du papier…1282 jusqu’à 1600, facs. of the 1907 edition with supplementary material, ed. A. Stevenson (Amsterdam 1968)
Gesamtkatalog der Wiegendrucke (1925- )
H. R. Mead, Incunabula in the Huntington Library (San Marino 1937)
; the manuscripts bound with incunables are not mentioned

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