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RB 17862

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Wittenberg, 1553
Bound after John Peckham, Perspectiva communis [Milan: Petrus de Corneno, ca. 1482]; Hain 9425.
ff. 1-11v: [Brief paragraphs under the following rubrics:] De supputatione motus solis, De conversione temporis oblati in tempus astronomicum, De reductione, De medio solis motu inveniendo, De auge invenienda, De argumento solis, De aequatione investiganda, De hypothesibus solis facientibus ad intelligendum calculum tabularum brutenicarum, Definitiones [of various kinds of circles], Explicatio diagrammatis. [ff. 9v-10, 12r-v, blank]
Paper (watermark similar to Piccard, Ochsenkopf XVI, 123, Ansbach, Nürnberg, etc., 1480-82), ff. 12; 302 × 210 (230 × 130) mm. 112. Catchwords at the lower right corner of the text on each page. Number of lines varies; unruled. Written in one vigorous cursive hand. Headings in red rustic capitals or in red cursive. Rough compass diagrams, ff. 6r-v, 8, 11r-v. Bound, s. XIX, in German half calf over marbled pasteboards; printed red leather label on the front cover. Written by Philip Melancthon at Wittenberg in 1553; place and date in the upper right corner of f. 1 in the same hand as the text. See S. Leigh Sotheby, Observations upon the Handwriting of Philip Melanchthon Illustrated with Fac-Similes (London 1839) pl. XIV, II of parts of f. 1. Belonged to Dr. George F. B. Kloss of Frankfurt; his sale, Sotheby’s, 7 May 1835, lot 4635 to Thorpe; Thorpe Cat. (1836) n. 838 to Sir Thomas Phillipps; his n. 9028 on the first leaf of the printed book and on the small paper label on the spine; Phillipps sale, Sotheby’s, 5 June 1899, lot 868. Belonged to the collector of Lincolniana, Oliver R. Barrett (1873-1950); sale of a “notable American collector” by the American Art Association, New York, 20 December 1920, n. 580 to J. Adams for Henry E. Huntington. Bibliography: De Ricci, 120. Mead, n. 3502.
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; the manuscripts bound with incunables are not mentioned
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