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Germany, s. XVmed
Bound before Albertus Magnus, Sermones de tempore et de sanctis (Speier: Peter Drach, not after 1475); GW 772.
ff. 1-38v: Vadam ad montem mirre [Prologue:] Hec proposicio pro themate assumpta Scribitur originaliter in canticis canticorum capitulo iiii et sunt verba sponse que in amore verfecenti [sic] prorumpit ad sponsum…[f. 3, Text:] Iste libellus cuius subiectum est penitencia seu modus penitendi dividitur prima sua divisione in duas partes…debent considerari Sed constructio istius litere ad dominum festinandi potest ex quarto dubio presentis litere et cetera. Hec est finis huius penitentiarii.
Bloomfield, Virtues and Vices 6304.
Paper (Raisin, Briquet 12995, Braunschweig 1438-45, and Ochsenkopf, similar to Piccard, VII, 539, Wurtemburg 1447), ff. 38; 288 × 208 (180 × 124) mm. 1-212 314. 2 columns of 28-39 lines frame ruled in ink. Written in a hybrida currens with lemmata in a littera formata. Opening initial, 10-line, in red with leaf infilling, framed by written text on 4 sides; lemmata lined through in red; initials within the text touched in red; headings for the text divisions in the margin in red frames. Bound, s. XVIin, in German calf over wooden boards, with diagonal fillets on both covers; remains of 2 fore edge clasps, closing back to front; 2 nail holes on front cover. Front and back pastedowns from an antiphonal, with portions of a service for Pentecost; Germany, s. XIIIex, ca. 283 × 222 (221 × 172) mm., 2 columns of 16 lines of text and music; neumes on 4-line staves with indication of C and F clefs. Written in Germany towards the middle of the fifteenth century; in the lower margin of f. 24v, “anno quadragesimo quarto.” On f. 1, upper margin, s. XVIin, “Liber Ecclesiae sancti Nicolai salaeye [?] Latsarinae in Enge<cropped>”; on the front pastedown, the eighteenth century bookplate of the Premonstratensian abbey of Sayn, near Koblenz. Acquired by Henry E. Huntington from Otto Vollbehr (n. 11309) in 1925.
Secundo folio: dei dicitur
Bibliography: Mead, n. 1412.
Bloomfield, Virtues and Vices
M. W. Bloomfield et al., Incipits of Latin Works on the Virtues and Vices, 1100-1500 A.D. Mediaeval Academy of America Publications 88 (Cambridge Massachusetts 1979)
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Gesamtkatalog der Wiegendrucke (1925- )
H. R. Mead, Incunabula in the Huntington Library (San Marino 1937)
; the manuscripts bound with incunables are not mentioned
G. Piccard, Die Wasserzeichenkartei Piccard im Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart (Stuttgart 1961- )

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