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BOOK OF HOURS, fragment
Italy (?), s. XV2
1. f. 1r-v: //vero in medio umbre mortis non timebo mala…Dirige me in veritate tua et//
From matins of the Office of the Dead.
2. f. 2r-v: //Ad primam, Deus in adiutorium meum intende…Quoniam alieni insurrexerunt adversum me et//
From the Hours of the Virgin, at prime; possibly use of Rome: the hymn is Memento salutis auctor…; the antiphon, Assumpta…; the psalm, Deus in nomine tuo salvum me fac…
3. f. 3r-v: //De cruce deponitur hora vespertina…perducat nos ad gaudia paradisi. Amen.//
Short hours of the Cross from the hymn for vespers to the end.
Parchment, ff. lxxx (modern parchment, stained on the edges to give an older appearance) + 3 single leaves + lxvi (modern parchment, as above); 98 × 70 (54 × 35) mm. After a first gathering of 10 leaves, all the remaining 22 quires are of 6 leaves; the 12th contains the 3 medieval leaves tipped in. 15 long lines on ff. 1 and 3, 14 long lines on f. 2, ruled in pale red ink. Written in a rounded gothic script. Decorated in the style of northern French manuscripts: 5-line initial in white-decorated blue on a cusped gold ground, infilled with colored trilobe leaves; a U-shaped narrow band border of gold and color around the text; outer border of black ivy vine, gold motifs, 2 swirls of narrow acanthus leaf in red, orange, blue and green, and flowers. 2-line initials in burnished gold with pink infilling on a blue ground, or vice versa; 1-line initials alternating gold with black penwork, or blue with red penwork; initials within the text slashed in red. Red rubrics. Inserted in an early metal binding with gilt decoration, over wooden boards; remains of a fore edge clasp; much repaired; on the back pastedown, a fragment of a sixteenth century printed leaf with a poem in octaves, in Italian. Written possibly in Italy in the second half of the fifteenth century. A label on the front pastedown, “D 113.” On f. 1, modern pencil foliation, “152”; on f. 3, with the same numbering, “18.” Faint pencil marks on the lower margin of f. 3 resemble the price code of Dawson’s Book Shop, Los Angeles.
Given to the Huntington Library in 1975 by Mrs. Edward J. Loftus.

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