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France, 1702
1. pp. iii-37: Officium Sanctae Sindonis In Primis Vesperis, fait en L’annee mil sept cens deux et cetera…, Ioseph vir bonus et justus accessit ad Pilatum…[Resp. Beatae Mariae De Mercede in tertio nocturno] Vers., Tua sancta intercessione adiuva nos virgo inmaculata. Cuius. Gloria Patri et Filio et Spiritui sancto. Cuius.
Antiphonal with responses for the feasts of the Holy Shroud, St. Mary in Mount Carmel, the Holy Innocents, Joachim, Joseph and Our Lady of Mercy [this last possibly by a different hand].
2. p. 38: [added in a careful cursive hand] Variation of the Office for the Holy Shroud outside of Easter time.
Paper, pp. i-iv + 38, with contemporary pagination; 435 × 280 (385 × 220) mm. One gathering of 20 leaves + one leaf at the end. Eight lines of text and music, with pricking for both along inner and outer margins; music in square notation on red 4-line staves; height of the minims controlled by lead ruling. Written in a humanistic script, using a dark black acidic ink. The title, p. iii, in large square roman capitals, enclosed by a heavy black ink frame and red ruling; rubrics often in combined italic and humanistic display scripts in both red and black ink. Opening initial, p. 1, the height of the text and music, in red with red-touched pen and ink drawing of two flowers; other initials, same size, in plain red. Corrections to the text and music on strips of paper glued over the offending section (see pp. 6, 7, 8, 19). Bound in a single large sheet of limp parchment, the reverse of which is completely covered by long lines of a sixteenth century bâtarde script in French, probably a document. Written in France in 1702, perhaps for a Carmelite house. On pp. i and 38, the flourished signature of Urbain Roges, and on p. 38 the number “184.” Acquired in Paris between 1910-1926 by the artist Elmer E. Pattee, and given to the Huntington Library in August 1980 by his son-in-law, Robert G. Steele.
C. W. Dutschke with the assistance of R. H. Rouse et al., Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the Huntington Library (San Marino, 1989). Copyright 1989.
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