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HM 47405

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England, s. XVmed
1. ff. 1-103v: De vita philosophorum et moribus veterum tractaturus multaque ab antiquis auctoribus in diversis libris de ipsorum gestis sparsim scripta reperi in unum colligere laboravi plurimaque eorum responsa notabilia et dicta elegancia huic libello inserui que ad legencium consolacionem et morum informacionem conferre valebunt. De Talete philosopho, Tales philosophus asianus ut ait laertius in libello de vita philosophorum…scripsit eciam librum de naturalibus questionibus ad cosdre regem persarum. Explicit liber de vita philosophorum.
H. Knust, ed., Walter Burley, De vita et moribus philosophorum. Bibliothek des litterarischen Vereins in Stuttgart 177 (Tübingen 1886); this manuscript lacks his chapter 128, “Justinus” and reverses the order of “Ovid” and “Marcus Verrius Flaccus”; it incorporates the Ps. Seneca, De remediis fortuitorum malorum (ff. 89v-94). See J. O. Stigall, “The Manuscript Tradition of the De vita et moribus philosophorum of Walter Burley,” Medievalia et Humanistica 11 (1957) 44-57 for a list of 105 manuscripts, HM 47405 not included; the Diogenes chapter, edited by Stigall by way of example, is here reduced to one sentence: “De diogene poeta, Diogenes babilonicus stoicus philosophus catonis tempore claruit” (f. 81v), as in the 1472 Cologne edition printed by Arnold ter Hoernen (GW 5783).
2. f. 103v: [added verses, the first 5 lines by one contemporary hand, the last possibly by another] Nunc lege nunc ora nunc cum femore labora/ Sic erit hora brevis et labor ipse levis [Walther, Proverbia 19350]; Inspice mentem discute mores acta resolve/ Semper ab hiis et in hiis potis cognoscere quid scis [Walther, Proverbia 12523]; Dum regunt vulve dicet gens tota simul ve<cancelled>; Est homo res fragilis durans nunc tempore// [ends incomplete; Walther, Proverbia 7486]. [f. 104r-v, ruled but blank]
Parchment, ff. iii (modern paper) + 104 + iii (modern paper); 198 × 140 (123 × 82) mm. 1-138. Catchwords in lower right corner. 27 long lines ruled in red ink with the top 2 lines and the bottom line full across; single vertical bounding lines; pricking occasionally visible in the 3 outer margins. Written in a bâtarde hand. Opening historiated initial, 9-line, in white-highlighted pink on a gold ground with thin blue, rust and green acanthus leaves and spiky sprays in Continental style along the inner margin; in the center of the initial, a philosopher lecturing to his students, by the Master of Sir John Fastolf. 2-line blue initials with red flourishing; alternating blue and rose-colored paragraph marks; rubrics in the same rose-colored ink. Bound, s. XVIII, in English russia; marbled endpapers; rebacked. Written in England, or perhaps in France where it may have received its historiated initial and marginal spray, but in England from an early date, as shown by the distinctly English decoration of the 2-line blue initials, and by the finding notes in the margins in an English hand. The only other copies of English provenance noted by Stigall are Cambridge, Trinity College O.2.50 (1154), Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), Temple University, Ms. 567 and Vatican, Reg. lat. 7147. On f. ii, “Hic liber est meus/ Testis est Deus,” and the signature “Robt. Hill”; on f. iii, “R. Hill 1792.” All three are heavily crossed out in ink. Acquired by the Huntington Library from Alan G. Thomas (London) in 1979 with the support of the Lois and Keith Spalding Endowment Fund.
Secundo folio: olmas emere

Gesamtkatalog der Wiegendrucke (1925- )
Walther, Proverbia
H. Walther, Proverbia sententiaeque latinitatis medii aevi. Lateinische Sprichworter und Sentenzen des Mittelalters in alphabetischer Anordnung. Carmina medii aevi posterioris latina 2 (Göttingen 1963-67, and new series in progress)

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