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England, s. XIIIin
1. ff. 1-65v: Incipiunt distinctiones super psalterium, Facies michi tentorium in introitu thabernaculi quatuor pretiosis coloribus contextum. Thabernaculum quo in nobis deus habitat…Cum omnes prophetas et cetera. David dicitur prophetarum eximius: propter regiam dignitatem ut, Inveni David servum meum, oleo sancto meo unxi eum; propter multam humilitatem, ut Inveni virum secundum cor meum…velut in Beatitudine recipiamur; unde, Petite a me et accipietis, pul. [catchword:] et apud vobis//
Stegmüller 6783; see also P. S. Moore, The Works of Peter of Poitiers (Notre Dame 1936) 78-96. Here arranged in schematic form, i.e., the scriptural word that is being interpreted is placed to the left of the text, with lines radiating to the different senses; ends defectively.
2. ff. 66-89v: [Anonymous distinctions] Angeli, potestas superna. In psalmo, Qui facis angelos suos [sic] spiritus…AnniAurumArgentumAquiloAuster[A]rea[A]rbor[A]rundo[A]rcus[A]rma[A]sinus[A]ries[A]gnus[A]per[A]ves[A]le[A]quila[A]ccipiter[A]que[A]byssus[A]tria[A]ltare[A]rcha[A]uris[A]er[A]ger[A]cervus[A]urora[B]abilonia[V]ir[V]irgo[V]ultus[V]ertexUnguis[U]bera[U]terus…Secretum consilii, unde, De cuius utero egressa est glacies.
Distinctiones in simple form, primarily of figurative meanings, in alphabetical order with space left for additional distinctiones at the end of each alphabetical section. Regarding distinction collections see A. Wilmart, “Un répertoire d’exégèse composé en Angleterre vers le debut du XIIIe siècle,” Mémorial Lagrange (Paris 1940) 307-46, and R. H. and M. A. Rouse, “Biblical Distinctions in the Thirteenth Century,” Archives d’histoire doctrinale et littéraire du Moyen Age (1974) 27-37.
Parchment, ff. ii (parchment) + 89 + i (paper); 220 × 157 (art. 1: 183 × 140; art. 2: 190 × 120) mm. 18(+9) 2-118, signed on last leaf verso at 2 different times in roman numerals, I-VIII; occasional catchwords. 44-45 (art. 1) and 38-39 (art. 2) long lines. Ruled in lead point and brown crayon; double bounding lines; art. 1 in 2 columns of ca. 28 mm. width for the lemmata and ca. 110 mm. for the text. Prickings visible in outer margins; in art. 2 also visible in the inner margin. Written by 4 persons; i, ff. 1-9v; ii, ff. 10-65v; iii, ff. 66-73; iv, ff. 74-89v; the first writer corrects the second, e.g. ff. 10v, 11; in brownish ink. Plain initials in red, occasionally in blue or with blue penwork. Art. 1: distinctions noted in red in schematized form in the left margin, except for ff. 18v-20, 49v-65v, where they are left unfinished. Art. 2: f. 66, 3-line initials alternating in grey-blue, ochre and green. On ff. 74, 82-84, 2- and 1-line initials alternating in red and green; on ff. 74v-75, mainly in green, the alternating red not filled in. On ff. 1-9v, careful penwork, heads of birds (e.g. eagle, ff. 1v, 3) and animals. On f. 1 (top margin cropped): “Sancti Spiritus.” Pen trials on ff. i and ii verso. Bound, s. XVII, in limp vellum; on the spine: Distinctiones super Psalterium; on front cover: Ms. No 216. Written in England in the opening years of the thirteenth century. Inside the front cover, “P:B:” and “Ms. No 216.” Belonged to Thomas Mostyn, with his armorial bookplate and signature, the date 1744, and the number 75 on f. ii; many of the Mostyn manuscripts were collected by Sir Thomas Mostyn (1535-1617). Mostyn shelfmark in pencil on inside front cover, “H/4 C.” Mostyn sale, Sotheby’s, 13 July 1902, lot 31. Sotheby’s, 11 July 1978, lot 39 to the Huntington Library.
Secundo folio: plantant secus
Bibliography: HMC, 4th Report (1874), Appendix, 358, n. 216. Schenkl 4790. HLQ 42 (1978-79) 73 with a plate of f. 7v.
Huntington Library Quarterly
Historical Manuscripts Commission
H. Schenkl, Bibliotheca patrum latinorum britannica (Vienna 1891-1908; repr. Hildesheim and New York 1969)
F. Stegmüller, vols. 9-11 with the assistance of N. Reinhardt, Repertorium biblicum medii aevi (Madrid 1950-80)

C. W. Dutschke with the assistance of R. H. Rouse et al., Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the Huntington Library (San Marino, 1989). Copyright 1989.
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