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HM 46015

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England, s. XIII2
1. f. 1r-v: [Text] //procurator proposuit ex adverso quod cum olim ad petitionem patronorum ecclesie amoriensis…apud apostolicam sedem quam apud ecclesiam revenatem [sic] unde//; [Gloss:] //pervenit ff. pro emptore quod vulgo ff. pro legato <cropped> quia episcopus non potest deponere ius unius ecclesie et dare alteri…et [sic] notum ut iudici prout dicit dominus azo et alii dicunt sicut p. quod etiam de facto et inducunt ad hoc ff. de pet. here. 1. f. sed primum verius est quod de tali facto//
Gregory IX, Decretals, 1.4.8-1.5.3 with gloss of Bernardus Parmensis.
2. f. 2r-v: [Text] //Tue fraternitati et infra, utrum clericos qui ad partes ierosolimitanas…vel predecessores ipsius de pacifica sic obtenta consuetudine iurisdicionem aliquam in ipso monasterio vel in huiusmodi abbatiis//; [Gloss:] //tue commendaciis [sic] vel etiam dimissoriis lxxi di. c. penultim. et f. et xix q. ii due sunt…et correctio ex consuetudine potius habetur ut s. de electione dudum dic super hoc ut dixi s. e. cum satis//
Gregory IX, Decretals, 1.22.3-1.23.10 with gloss of Bernardus Parmensis.
Parchment, 2 leaves from the same book; 365 × 255 (245 × 107) mm. Text in 2 columns of 47 lines, ruled in lead; pricking visible in the inner margin. Text written in a littera textualis; the gloss in a rounder noting script. 3- to 2-line initials alternating in red and blue with flourishing of the other color. Nota bene hand, f. 1v. Marginalia, s. XV. Written in England in the second half of the thirteenth century. Leaf 2 bears the names “Richard,” “Chrisostimos” and the motto “Gloria vos titillat ambos” in one or more seventeenth century English hands. The leaves were apparently once used as pastedowns in a binding to judge from the stains; however their size suggests that they were not originally part of HM 19916 from which they were removed. HM 19916 was acquired by the Huntington Library from Sotheby’s, 15 June 1959, lot 205.

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