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England, s. XIIex
ff. 1-117v: Annum agens cesar sextumdecimum patrem amisit…abstinentia et moderatione insequentium principum. [f. 118r-v, blank]
Greek words entered by scribes; corrected throughout by the second scribe; the section 10, 1 - 12, 2 was omitted from its place on f. 96 and then inserted on ff. 97v-98 between parts of 20, 1. M. Ihm, ed., C. Suetoni Tranquilli Opera (Leipzig 1907).
Parchment (thick), ff. i (modern paper) + i (medieval parchment) + 118 + i (modern paper); 217 × 150 (148 × 112) mm. 1-148 158(-7, 8 excised). Catchwords in lower right corner, many of them cropped. 2 columns of 30 lines, ruled in brown lead, with top and bottom 2 or 3 lines often full across; single bounding lines; pricking visible in the 3 outer margins. Written above the top line by 2 hands in an English minuscule script: i, ff. 1-16v; ii, ff. 17-117v. Opening initial on f. 1, somewhat damaged, 9-line, in red infilled with blue and green arabesque tendrils; the other 11 initials, 10- to 4-line, in similar style in green, blue or metallic red, either plain or with arabesque infilling in other colors (e.g. ff. 17, 40v, 56, 69); 1-line initials in ink of text placed outside of ruled space. Rubrics added for the beginnings of books in an uneven hand of the end of the thirteenth century; occasional marginalia of the same date. On f. ii verso (which may be one of the 2 missing leaves of quire 15, transferred to the front of the book, as it shows no sign of the damage of f. 1, nor of the chainmarks), and on f. 118v faint notes in lead, s. XIIIex/XIVin, mentioning “sancti Bernardi monachorum precepta.” Bound, s. XVIII, in English speckled calf; chain marks on the inner lower margin of f. 1 and successive leaves. Written at Bury St. Edmunds at the end of the twelfth century; thus not manuscript no. xxvii in the mid-twelfth century catalogue of the abbey: “Epistole senece et sidonius, suetonius [erased],” ed. M. R. James, On the Abbey of St. Edmund at Bury. Cambridge Antiquarian Society Octavo Pub. 28 (Cambridge 1895) 24. Probably to be identified with the entry for Suetonius in the “Catalogus scriptorum ecclesiae” of Henry of Kirkestede. See Ker, MLGB, 21, and R. M. Thomson, “The Library of Bury St. Edmunds Abbey in the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries,” Speculum 47 (1972) 617-45, this manuscript discussed p. 639, n. 141. Bury pressmark, s. XIV2, crossed out, in the upper right margin of f. 1: “S. 18.” Received in the library of Sion College after the Great Fire of 1666 and before the publication in 1697 of Bernard, Catalogi where it is cited, 2:107, no. 4087. Sion College stamped ex libris on ff. 1, 40v, 117v, and its shelf mark, Arc. L.40.2/L. 9, on the front pastedown and on the round label on the spine; “anc. 2=3” in red ink on the front pastedown and on f. i. Sion College sale, Sotheby’s, 13 June 1977, lot 71 with plate of f. 94; acquired by the Huntington Library, in part with funds given in memory of William D. Truesdell.
Secundo folio: verit. Questori
Bibliography: Schenkl 4485. Ker, MMBL 1:270.
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