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England, s. XV2
ff. 1-104v: Register of writs, beginning defectively in the section on trespass and ending defectively in the section on writs of attaint; at least 7 quires missing with loss of text at the beginning (2 quires), after f. 56 (3 quires), f. 64 (1 quire), f. 72 (1 quire) and an unknown amount at the end; sporadic running headlines and 4- to 2-line initials, or spaces for initials, to signal chapter divisions. Parchment, ff. 104; 271-292 × 179-190 (164-195 × 108-119) mm. Collation: (2 quires missing here) 1-78 (3 quires missing here) 88 (1 quire missing here) 98 (1 quire missing here) 10-138 (unknown number of quires missing here). Catchwords in the center of the lower margin through quire 7, and in the right lower margin in quires 8-13; quire signatures in red roman numerals in the lower right corner of the first leaf of each quire, from iii on quire 1 to xxi on quire 13; apparent additional quire signatures in brown ink occur on the first leaf of the first 7 quires: 4, 10, i, ii, 3, 7, 4. 33-45 long lines, ruled in lead; top and bottom 2 lines full across in quires 8-9; 2 vertical rules in the outer margin form a column approximately 25 mm. wide for notes; slash prick marks in the 3 outer margins, remaining most visible in quires 8-9, 12-13. Written in legal anglicana scripts by 3 scribes: i, ff. 1-40v, 73-88v (quires 1-5, 10-11); ii, ff. 41-56v (quires 6-7); iii, ff. 57-72v, 89-104v (quires 8-9, 12-13). Plain red 3- and 2-line initials; blank spaces reserved for initials on the leaves copied by the third scribe; paragraph marks in red, omitted on some leaves. Contemporary foliation in roman numerals in the upper right corner of the recto of the leaves, xvii-cxx on ff. 1-69. Marginal notes in the hand of the scribe, usually set off by a red paragraph mark; occasional running headlines. Some marginalia and pen trials in other hands, s. XVI. Damage from damp in the last quire; on the last few leaves, rust marks in a vertical line approximately 40 mm. from the outer edge. Bound, s. XVII, in limp parchment sewn ledger style, i.e. tied through the spine; “1671” written on the front cover. Written in England during the second half of the fifteenth century. On the inside front cover, a pledge note, “Remanet in plegium [manuscript: “pplm”] iiii s. iiii d.” A slip from an American (?) book dealer’s catalogue tipped into the volume; the price code “srsts” in pencil in the upper margin of f. 1. Belonged to Homer D. Crotty (1899-1972), a trustee of the Huntington Library; given to the Library by his estate. Bibliography: Chronica, 9.
J. Preston, “Medieval Manuscripts at the Huntington: Supplement to De Ricci’s Census,” Chronica: a Newsletter Published by the Medieval Association of the Pacific 21 (1977) 2-9

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