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CARTULARY, fragment
England, s. XIII/XIV
1. f. 1: William I, De subjectione Eboracensis archiepiscopi. 1072, with crosses. H. W. C. Davis, Regesta Regum Anglo-Normanorum 1 (Oxford 1912) n. 64. 2. f. 1r-v: Stephen, De libertatibus ecclesie Anglie. 1136, SR 1:3. 3. f. 1v: John, Ut libere sint electiones totius anglie. 1214, SR 1:5. 4. ff. 1v-3: John, Magna Carta. 1215, SR 1:9-13. f. 3v, blank. Parchment, ff. 3; 391 × 283 (310 × 205) mm. Although consecutive, ff. 1-2 are not conjunct. 46-49 long lines ruled in lead. Written by one person in a formal littera textualis with occasional anglicana features. 2-line alternating red and blue initials with filigree and tendrils. Running headlines in the hand of the text. Two early foliations: in roman numerals in the headlines by the hand of the text: xiii, xiiii, xiv; in roman numerals in the upper right corner in a fifteenth century hand: ciiiixx, ciiiixx i, ciiiixx ii. Occasional erasures and corrections by the scribe, one early modern correction, several late nineteenth century pencil corrections. Running headlines, De libertate Ecclesiastica. Written in England at the end of the thirteenth or in the early fourteenth century. Formerly ff. 180-182 of large cartulary, presumably ecclesiastical. Belonged to Sir Thomas Phillipps (name and number 16502 on lower margin of f. 1v). Pencil numbers 28, 835. Acquired by Homer D. Crotty (1899-1972), a trustee of the Huntington Library, shortly after 1945. Given to the Huntington Library by Mrs. Homer Crotty in 1972. Bibliography: Chronica, 8.
J. Preston, “Medieval Manuscripts at the Huntington: Supplement to De Ricci’s Census,” Chronica: a Newsletter Published by the Medieval Association of the Pacific 21 (1977) 2-9
Statutes of the Realm (London 1810-28)

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