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HM 41761

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Netherlands, 1443
ff. 1-119: [ff. 1-14:] Incipit prologus in omelias Magistri hugonis super ecclesiasten, Que de libro salomonis qui eccelesiastes dicitur nuper vobis coram disserui…sed a vobis intellectu gaudeatis. Explicit prologus. Incipit omelia prima. Verba eccelesiastes filii david regis iherusalem, Titulus est libri iste in quo breviter et qualitas exprimitur…in rebus volubilibus et tempore transeuntibus [PL 175:113-130]; [ff. 14-16v:] Omelia secunda, Generatio preterit et generatio advenit…minus fortassis proficit ad edificationem [PL 175:130-133]; [ff. 16v-22:] Omelia tertia, Verba ecclesiastes que cuncta sub sole vana esse testantur…in universitate subsequenter ostendit [PL 175:133-139]; [ff. 22-30v:] Sequitur. Cuncte res difficiles…, Cum res quelibet in superstite sua cernitur…vanitas vanitatum et omnia vanitas [PL 175:139-149]; [ff. 30v-33v:] Omelia quinta, Ego ecclesiastes fui rex israel in iherusalem…, Sermones sapientum etiam et enigmata eorum…verba narrationis eius revertamur [PL 175:149-153]; [ff. 33v-49v:] Omelia sexta. Ego ecclesiastes…, Primum michi hoc nequaquam pretereundum videtur…sed faciem videas veritatis [PL 175:153-172]; [ff. 49v-64:] Omelia septima, Cumque me convertissem…, Audivimus supra…et disponit omnia suaviter [PL 175:172-190]; [ff. 64-76:] Omelia octava, Diutius fortassis quam tractatus brevitas postularet…quod nostram veraciter vanitatem agnoscimus [PL 175:190-204]; [ff. 76-84v:] Omelia nona, Multi sunt sermones hominis…et animos habeamus alacriores [PL 175:204-215]; [ff. 84v-102v:] Omelia decima, Omnia tempus habent…, Quesierat supra ecclesiastes…ad non esse pocius moveatur [PL 175:215-236]; [ff. 102v-119:] Omelia undecima, Modo de temporibus exivimus…et utrum hec ipsam aliis post se profutura sint ignorant [PL 175:236-256]. Expliciunt omelie Magistri hugonis super ecclesiasten fideles utique et omni acceptione dignissime. In profesto beati Andree apostoli anno domini Mo cccco xliiio. [ff. 119v-120v, ruled, but blank]
Hugh of St. Victor, Homilies on Ecclesiastes, PL 175:113-256; the division of the manuscript into 11 homilies does not correspond to the 19 part division of the printed text. See Goy (pp. 329-40); this manuscript not recorded.
Parchment, ff. ii (contemporary parchment) + 120; 225 × 159 (149 × 110) mm. 1-158. Catchwords in inner corner in a noting hand; quires and leaves signed with letters and roman numerals. 2 columns of 29 lines, ruled in lead; prickings visible in outer margins. Written in a well-formed hybrida. Opening initial, 7-line, in blue with void design and red flourishing. 3- or 2-line initials in red or blue; initials within the text slashed in red; red paragraph marks and running headlines across the opening. Bound, s. XV2, in brown calf over wooden boards with diagonal rules in diamond patterns; marks of 4 corner bosses on front and back; evidence of 2 fore edge clasps and of a label on the upper front cover; 2 nail holes on the lower edge of each cover; rebacked. Pastedowns removed in 1975 and catalogued separately as HM 41785 from a late ninth century sacramentary from St. Amand. Written in the Netherlands in 1443. Belonged to the Augustinian house of Bethlehem near Louvain: f. ii verso, erased, “Hoc volumen pertinet Bethle[hem] <?> regularium prope lovenium.” Notes in French in pencil on f. i, including “vente Vergauwen <?> n. 425.” On f. i verso, “Purchased of George Perkins Humphrey about 1890, Rochester, New York”; in a different hand on f. ii, “Craig Carlton Miller 1933.” Given to the Huntington Library in 1971 by Mrs. Creighton Sibley Miller in memory of her husband.
Secundo folio: dicitur et
Bibliography: Chronica, 8.
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