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HM 39872

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England, s. XV3/4
ff. 1-122v: Here begynneth the tabill of þe Rubriches of the booke of good condicions. Otherwyse called the Sophiloge of wysdom. The whiche seid booke is deuided in v partes. The first parte spekith of the vii dedely synnes and of Remedies ageyns theym…The first part, Here begynneth the Rubriches of the first parte. First how pride displesith god…[f. 3v, Text:] Here begynneth the first part of this booke called good condicions, the which spekith of þe remedies þat is ageyns the vii dedly synnes. And first how pride displeseth god. The first chapitre, Pride wolde compare to God in as muche as thei glorifi in þey self and in the goodes that they haue of the whiche thinges the gloire is principally due to god…wherby it apperith þat the hoope of theym availleth litil that seith that this worlde shall endure right longe. Here endeth the booke called the Sophiloge of wysdome otherwyse called the booke of good condicions. Deo gracias.
An English translation of the Livre de Bonnes Meurs, itself a paraphrased translation of Jacques Legrand, Sophilogium. HM 39872 is of the same English version as Glasgow, University Library, Hunterian T.3.16 (78), but different from the Caxton translation printed by Caxton himself in 1487, by Pynson in 1494 and by Wynkyn de Worde in 1507. See B. Lindström, “The English Versions of Jacques Legrand’s Livre de Bonnes Meurs,” The Library ser. 6 vol. 1 (1979) 241-54 and “Book of Good Manners,” ibid. ser. 6 vol. 2 (1980) 224, discussing this manuscript. HM 39872 lacks one bifolium between ff. 27-28, containing part of Book 1, chapter 10 and the beginning of chapter 11.
Parchment, ff. i (modern parchment) + 122 + i (modern parchment); 224 × 156 (135 × 88) mm. 1-38 48(-4 and 5 after f. 27 with loss of text) 5-158 164. Catchwords in the center or right-center of the lower margin; quires and leaves signed in letters and roman numerals. 23-24 long lines, ruled in pale red ink, with the top and bottom 2 lines full across; slash pricking in the 3 outer margins. Written in a bastard secretary script. Spaces of 16 and 10 lines reserved on ff. 59v (Part 3) and 102 (Part 5), presumably for miniatures; the spaces of 16, 17 and 9 lines on ff. 3, 49v and 77v may also have been intended for miniatures, although Parts 1, 2 and 4 begin on the following pages (3v, 50, 78). 5- to 3-line initials in blue and pink with white designs on gold grounds, ink spray border including acanthus and strawberries (?) imitative of French or Flemish decoration, in C-shape (f. 1), the length of text and across the top margin (f. 78) or the length of the text (ff. 3v, 50, 59v). 3-line initials in gold on blue/pink grounds; those on ff. 6v and 95v with foreign-influenced sprays; initials within the text and some top-line ascenders daubed with yellow. Paragraph marks alternating blue and pink; rubrics in the same deep rose-colored pink; some pink and blue jigsaw line fillers. Running headlines, s. XVIex, reading “the firste part” through f. 27v; from f. 23 on, the numbers of the parts given as “f” (for “first”?) on part 1, and thereafter in roman numerals. Bound, 1974, in quarter leather and wooden boards, 2 fore edge clasps; previous binding, s. XIX, in tan calf, blind tooled. Written in England in the third quarter of the fifteenth century. On the front pastedown, bookplate of the Rev. Henry Campbell, chaplain to the 18th Earl of Shrewsbury; bequeathed by him in 1874 to Beaumont College, Old Windsor, Berkshire; see M. F. Bond, “Some Early Books at Beaumont College,” Berkshire Archaeological Journal 54 (1954-55) 53-55. Sale of the Beaumont manuscripts, Christie’s, 28 June 1973, lot 49 with plate of f. 1. Acquired by the Huntington Library from Harry A. Levinson (Beverly Hills) in 1973.
Secundo folio: [f. 2, Chapter list] gouerne and teche; [f. 4, Text] eete of the fruit
Bibliography: Chronica, 8.
J. Preston, “Medieval Manuscripts at the Huntington: Supplement to De Ricci’s Census,” Chronica: a Newsletter Published by the Medieval Association of the Pacific 21 (1977) 2-9

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