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France, s. XVex
1. Penitential psalms and litany, including Gervasius and Protasius among the martyrs; Hilary, Julianus, Saturninus, Hippolytus, Denis, Maurice and Eustachius among the confessors; Gemma, Neomadia, Radegundis and Sapientia among the virgins. 2. Short hours of the Dead; hymn, Veni creator spiritus, mentes tuorum visita…[RH 21204]. 3. Short hours of the Conception, Eya mea labia nunc annunciate…[RH 5307]. 4. Prayers as follow: De beatissima atque sanctissima trinitate, Te invocamus, te adoramus, te laudamus…with versicle, response and prayer, Omnipotens sempiterne deus qui dedisti famulis tuis in confessione…; [to the Trinity] Domine sancte pater omnipotens eterne deus qui coequalem…, Domine ihesu christe fili dei vivi qui es verus…, Domine spiritu sancte deus qui coequalis…[HE, 124-25]; Ad dominum nostrum ihesum christum, O Beatissime domine ihesu christe respice digneris super me miserum peccatorem… 5. Quiconques dira ceste oraison cy apres escripte en passant par ung cymitiere…, Avete omnes anime fideles…with the prayer, Domine ihesu christe salus et liberacio…[Leroquais, LH 2:341]. 6. Mon benoist dieu Ie croy de cuer et confesse de bouche…[Sonet 1150]. Parchment, 1 roll composed of 7 membranes of varying length (from 150 to 690 mm.); 360 × 18 centimeters (width of text: 10 centimeters). Ruled in pale red ink; pricking still present. Written in 2 sizes of a bâtarde script according to liturgical function. Three miniatures, the width of the text, framed by a simple painted gold band: (Penitential psalms), 75 mm. high, David kneeling before a half-figure of God the Father who appears in the sky; quite badly rubbed; (Hours of the Dead), 90 mm., the Three Libing and the Three Dead; (Hours of the Conception), 75 mm., the meeting of Joachim and Anne at the Golden Gate. Two historiated initials, approximately 4-line, one (Avete omnes anime fideles) with a skull, the other (Mon benoist dieu) with Jesus the Redeemer. 4-and 3-line initials in blue with white shading against a pale flesh-tone ground with gold filigree; 2- and 1-line initials in painted gold against square grounds of blue, brown or flesh-tone; ribbon line fillers in the same colors. Rubrics in pale pink. Written in France. Belonged to F. S. Ferguson. Acquired by the Huntington Library in April 1973 from the book dealer J. F. T. Rodgers, Catalogue 3 (London 1973) n. 37. Bibliography: Chronica, 8.
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