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England, s. XVmed
1. f. i verso: Elementa; Qualitates; Tempus; Humores; Etates [with 4 items listed for each, followed by a discussion of the humors]; A nona noctis donec sit tercia luna…[Walther, Initia 56]. 2. ff. 1-18v: Tractatus de spera in 4or capitula dividimus dicentes primo quid sit spera…[f. 2, Text:] Universalis mundi machina in duo dividitur scilicet ethereum et elementarem regionem…aut deus nature patitur aut mundana machina dissolvetur. Explicit tractatus de [small space filled by a contemporary hand: machina mundi] R. Elys.
Extracts from Johannes de Sacrobosco, De Sphaera; Thorndike and Kibre, 1602. For the full text, see L. Thorndike, The Sphere of Sacrobosco and its Commentators (Chicago 1949) 76-117. Marginalia on ff. 1-3v in italic hands, s. XVex and XVImed.
3. ff. 18v-19v: Diagrams and notes regarding eclipses of the sun and the signs of the zodiac. 4. ff. 20-30: Hic incipit practica Astrolabii, Nomina instrumentorum sunt hec: primum est armilla suspensoria ad capiendum altitudinem…et qualis fuerit comparacio punctorum ad 12, talis est comparacio stature tue ad planitiem et cetera. Explicit practica Astrolabii R. E.
Messahala, De operatione vel utilitate astrolabii; printed by R. T. Gunther, Early Science in Oxford (Oxford 1929) 5:217-31.
5. ff. 30v-37: [rubric added by a contemporary hand:] Hic incipit Compotus manualis secundum usum Oxoniensem, Filius esto dei celum bonus accipe grates/ Fructus alit canos et gallica bellica danos…[Prose:] Est autem primus versus discurrens per 28 loca designans ciclum solarem…Solsticium estus sic dat baptista iohannes. Explicit compotus manualis et cetera.
John of Garland; Thorndike and Kibre, 561 and Walther, Initia 6525; verses interspersed with prose sections.
6. ff. 37v-44v: [rubric added by a contemporary hand:] Hic incipit Algorismus secundum usum Oxoniensem, Hec Algorismus Ars presens dicitur in qua/ Talibus indorum fruimur bis 5 figuris…Tali quesita radix patet arte reperta. Explicit et cetera. [followed by multiplication tables; f. 45, text washed and now illegible]
Alexander de Villa Dei; R. Steele, ed., The Earliest Arithmetics in English. EETS es 118 (Oxford 1922) 72-79, vv. 1-258, with Latin prose sections after vv. 142, 147, 151, 158, 166, 174.
7. ff. 45v-62v: De impressionibus, Ad noticiam impressionum habendam secundum doctrinam aristotilis in primo metheororum…ad 2m dicendum quod fulmine et huiusmodi et non tonitruum sicut creditur a wlgis et cetera. [f. 63, blank]
Thorndike and Kibre, 55 (?); also in Cambridge, Gonville and Caius College, MS 402 (411), ff. 204-214.
8. ff. 63v-64: [Notes in prose and verse on weights and measures] Nota quod ista figura 1 dicitur scrupulus et denotat id quod pondus 20ti granorum ferri vel ordei…; Collige triticeis medicine pondera granis/ Grana quater v scrupuli pro pondere sume…[Thorndike and Kibre, 234; Walther, Initia 3027]; Scrupulus est pondus 1 d.…omnium aliorum ponderat duas marcas et cetera. [f. 64v, blank except for pen trials, see below]
Parchment (poor quality), ff. iii (early modern paper) + i (contemporary parchment) + 64 + iii (early modern paper); 157 × 117 (110 × 80) mm. 110 2-512 68(-7, 8). Catchwords in right lower margin, underlined in red; leaf signatures in arabic numerals in the last 2 quires. 21-30 long lines, frame ruled in brown crayon. Written in a poor secretary script. Plain 3- and 2-line red initials; on f. 29, initial in the shape of a dragon. Verse brackets, paragraph marks and underlining of rubrics in red; nota bene signs filled in red in the margins. Running headlines on ff. 45v-59v. Diagrams on ff. 17, 18r-v, 19, 28, 44v. Contemporary foliation in arabic numerals, 1-34. Bound, s. XVIII, in English panelled calf with red morocco label on the spine, “Sphaera &C., MS.” Written in England in the middle of the fifteenth century by R. Elys, who gives his name on f. 18v, his initials on f. 30, and his monogram on f. 44v. On f. iv, an erased ex libris (?), an erased prayer, “O mater christi…,” and a faded recipe “for a salet,” s. XVex. On f. 64, s. XVImed, both names in the same hand: “Robert Lawes of Sarsingam in norffolke” and “John hutchenson scholemaister of Castleacre in the afforesayd countie.” On f. 1, s. XVIex, “Liber Guil[elmi] Martialis Tractatus de mundi machina per R. Elys vide in fine huius.” Of the seventeenth century: f. 64v, “Liber iste est meus hyndus [?] nomine dicor,” “Thomas Cary” and, f. iv by the same hand, “Capt.”; also on f. iv, “Precium x…” written over by the signature of Robert Davies (ca. 1658-1710) of Llannerch and Gwysaney. N. 22 in the 1740 catalogue of the Davies library (that number in ink on the front pastedown) and n. 73 in the 1778 catalogue; for the history of the collection, see H. D. Emanuel, “The Gwysaney Manuscripts,” The National Library of Wales Journal 7 (1952) 326-43. Not in the listing of the Gwysaney manuscripts in the HMC, 6th Report, pt. I (1887-88) 418-21, not placed on deposit in the National Library of Wales, 1947-59, nor in the Davies-Cooke sale of the collection, Sotheby’s, 15 June 1959. Book dealer’s label, s. XX, on the front pastedown: William Wesley & Son, 28 Essex Street, Strand, London. Belonged to the Royal Meteorological Society, though not in Ker, MMBL 1:230-31; their sale, Sotheby’s, 9 July 1973, lot 51 to the Huntington Library.
Secundo folio: universalis mundi
Bibliography: Chronica, 8.
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