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England, s. XIVex
ff. 1-282: [20 line prologue by a Premonstratensian canon:] [De] utilitate legendi hunc librum, Nil homini melius quam si divina legendo…Intima declinat noxia vana fugat. [Teacher’s preface:] Omnis scriptura divinitus inspirata…interfectionem dyaboli a christo. [f. 2, Peter Riga’s prose preface:] Incipit prefacio, Frequens sodalium meorum peticio cum quibus conversando florem infancie exegi…et veritatis fulgor patenter illuxit. [f. 3, Text:] Incipit Aurora de operibus vi dierum. Incipit Genesis, Primo facta die duo celum terra leguntur…[f. 276v:] Efficit et validum nullisque minis ruiturum// [f. 277:] //Est laban sathanas cuius nomen sonat album…Signat eos quibus est danda beata quies//
The third edition of the Aurora of Peter Riga, with occasional interpolations of Aegidius of Paris, in the following order: f. 3, Genesis; f. 31, Exodus; f. 54v, Leviticus with prologue and with the verses de avibus (Beichner, p. 171) placed at end; f. 69v, Numbers; f. 80, Deuteronomy with prologue; f. 85, Joshua; f. 89v, Judges; f. 95, Ruth; f. 96v, 1-4 Kings with prologue; f. 124v, Tobit ending with an additional 14 lines: Helizabeth genitrix…fertilis absque uno; f. 132v, Daniel; f. 146v, Esther ending with 4 lines by Aegidius: Inde quod evasit…nomen imposuere phurim; f. 151, Judith; f. 154v, 1-2 Maccabees with prologue; f. 163, Gospels with prologue; f. 217v, Acts with Aegidius’ prologue: Dixi me finisse…faveto michi; f. 236v, Job with prologue; f. 250v, Song of Songs with prologue, ending defectively on f. 276v; f. 277, Recapitulationes beginning defectively in the section Sine D and ending defectively in the section Sine R. P. E. Beichner, ed., Aurora Petri Rigae Biblia Versificata. Publications in Mediaeval Studies 19 in 2 vols. (Notre Dame 1965). Stegmüller 6823-6825.
Parchment (thick and fuzzy), ff. i (modern parchment) + i (contemporary parchment) + 282 + i (modern parchment); 226 × 146 (170 × 63) mm. 1-2312 2412(-1 through 3 and 10 through 12). Quires signed in red roman numerals on the last leaf verso. 29 lines of verse. Ruled in lead with the top and bottom 2 horizontal rules full across; 3 vertical rules to the left of the text serve to separate the first letter of each verse from the rest of the line; in the lower and outer margins additional sets of narrow rules; slash pricking in outer margins. Written in a clear anglicana formata. 2-line initials alternating in red and blue. Rubrics and arguments in long lines extending to narrow rules in the outer margin. Running headlines with book and chapter number on each page, added s. XIV/XV. Fore edges damp rotted. Bound in 1971 in white quarter leather over wooden boards; 2 fore edge clasps; covers from the previous binding of eighteenth century English speckled calf with the Dysart arms (stamp A; see below) mounted as doublures; edges speckled in red. Written in England at the end of the fourteenth century. On f. i, “Liber magistri Willelmi Waverton Rectoris ecclesie de Tankerslay”; Waverton, a Queen’s College “poor boy” in 1399, was rector of Tankersley in the West Riding of Yorkshire from 1420 until his death in 1440 (Emden, BRUO, 2000). 2 small parchment strips, 38 × 227 mm., from a deed relating to Yorkshire, s. XVI (?), signed “J. Chenche” removed from previous binding and shelved separately. Possibly among the manuscripts collected by Sir Lionel Tollemache ca. 1600; rebound in the mid-eighteenth century by Sir Lionel Tollemache, 4th Earl of Dysart (1708-70); the collection was dispersed in private sales 1953-56 and by auction in 7 Sotheby sales, 1955-71; for a brief history of the collection, see Sotheby’s, 14 June 1965, pp. iii-viii with plates of the Dysart arms and crests used on the bindings, and E. Wilson, “The Book-stamps of the Tollemache Family of Helmingham and Ham,” The Book Collector 16 (1967) 178-85. This manuscript sold by Sotheby’s, 14 June 1965, lot 14. Acquired by the Huntington Library in July 1969 from Dawson’s, Pall Mall, Cat. 200 (1969) n. 6.
Secundo folio: litterarum veritatem
Bibliography: Schenkl 4704. Chronica, 7.
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