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Spain, s. XVIIin
ff. v-184: [Dedicatory poem:] Al Capitan Luis de la Cruz Piloto Mayor…; [f. vi recto, Title page, containing a dedication to Don Francisco de Guzman, Marqués de Ayamonte:] Ynstruccion y avisos excelentes de las derotas y carrera de las yndias…; [f. vii recto, Word to the reader:] beso los Pies…; [f. 1, Text:] Capitulo primero de la derrota de la barra De sant lucar a las yslas De canaria, Partiendo de la barra de san lucar…nombre de Jesus. [ff. 184v-199v, blank]
Sailing instruction for the route from San Lucar, Spain, to the West Indies and Florida, with a description of duties and payment of ship’s personnel (ff. 150v-177v) and table of latitudes (ff. 178-184). Dedicatory poem indicates that Luis de la Cruz is the author.
Paper (Croix Latine not dissimilar from Briquet 5688 and 5704, both Perpignan, respectively 1596 and 1595, but here with the initials R and MS [?]), ff. vii + 199; 195 × 142 (160 × 90) mm. Collation beginning with f. iv: 1-720 8-1016(through f. 184) 1116(-16, now the pastedown and torn loose from the quire). 20-26 long lines with vertical bounding lines defined by folds in the paper. Written in a cursive script in 3 hands: i, f. v; ii, ff. vi-vii verso, 1-26v; iii, ff. 26v-184. Chapter headings in a slightly larger version of the same script. Contemporary foliation, 1-183. Bound, s. XVII, in limp parchment with remains of 2 fore edge ties; title on the spine in a round gothic script “derrotero de la Carrera de las India[s].” Written probably about 1600, since Luis de la Cruz is first listed as master of a ship in 1585 and his name last appears in the records of the Archivo de Indias in Seville in a law suit of 1615. Internal evidence shows the volume was written after 1565 since the town of St. Augustine, Florida, founded in that year, is mentioned. Notes on front cover “SN 118,” and on front pastedown, “$SEE” (?). A letter, dated 22 July 1968, on file in the Huntington Library from Dra. Lourdes Díaz-Trechuelo of the Escuela de Estudios Hispano-Americans de Sevilla suggests that this manuscript may have been in the private library of the Marqués de Ayamonte, to whom the book is dedicated. After his death it probably passed into the library of his relative, the Conde-Duque de Olivares, a library consulted by A. León Pinelo for his bibliography published in 1629. Purchased by the Huntington Library from the Spanish bookseller José Porrúa Turanzas, 24 March 1967. Bibliography: A. León Pinelo, Epitome de la biblioteca oriental i occidental, nautica i geografica (Madrid 1629) 149. A. González de Barcia Carballido y Zúñiga, ed., Epitome de la Bibliotheca oriental, y occidental, nautica, y geografica de don Antonio de Leon Pinelo (Madrid 1737) 1:1148. N. Antonio, Bibliotheca hispana nova (Madrid 1788) 2:32. M. Fernández de Navarrete, Biblioteca marítima española (Madrid 1851) 2:355.
C. M. Briquet, Les Filigranes: dictionnaire historique des marques du papier…1282 jusqu’à 1600, facs. of the 1907 edition with supplementary material, ed. A. Stevenson (Amsterdam 1968)

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