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England, s. XIIIex, s. XIVmed
1. membrane 1: Anna tribus Ioachim Salome Cleophas Marias/ Tres parit has dicunt [sic] Ioseph Alpheus Zebedeus…[in 4 verses on the genealogies of the 3 Marys; cf. Walther, Initia 1056-1069]. 2. membranes 1-6: Statute of Westminster II, 13 Edward I, ending “…Et si dimissio facta fuerit antecessori iaceat visus sicut prius fieri consuevit”; SR 1:71-95. 3. membrane 1 dorse: Statute of Winchester, 13 Edward I; SR 1:96-98. 4. membranes 1 dorse - 3 dorse: Notes on points of law in French, similar to material printed in W. H. Dunham, ed., Casus placitorum. Selden Society 69 (London 1952). 5. membranes 3 dorse - 5 dorse: Statute I, 14 Edward III; SR 1:281-89. Parchment, roll, 365 × 25.2 cm. Formed of 6 membranes, measuring ca. 76, 68, 71, 65, 66 and 25 cm. respectively. Catchwords in center of lower margin of each membrane (none on dorse). 424 lines on the front, 450 lines on the dorse, frame ruled in dry point. Written by 2 scribes in anglicana scripts: i, arts. 1-4; ii, art. 5. Contemporary note on the dorse, “Statuta regis Edwardi.” Written in England in the late thirteenth century; art. 5 added in the middle of the fourteenth century. Apparently belonged to the Cistercian house of Coggeshall (listed with a query by Ker, MLGB, p. 53): a seventeenth century note on the dorse, “Found in the Abbey of Coxall in Essex at the tyme of the dissolution.” On the dorse in a modern hand, “134.” Acquired by the Huntington Library from Sotheby’s, 10 June 1963, lot 160. Bibliography: Aspects of Medieval England, n. 4. Chronica, 5.
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