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London, 1430
ff. 1-97: Incipit quartum speculum Vincentii doctrinalis compositum per alphabetum et ad materias distinctum et primo de A. Actor. Abstinencia est virtus qua gule voluptates in nobis restringimus aut resecamus. Valerius libro 2. Fuit antiquorum illa simplicitas in potu ciboque…De accidiaDe accepcione et contemptu munerum…[f. 96v, De zelo et correpcione. Actor. Zelus est fervor animi…] nam contra homines severissime adversum peccantes ingemimus et ipsi eadem committimus. Deo gracias. Amen. Explicit speculum fratris vincencii belvacensis ordinis predicatorum per distinctiones ad materias distinctum Sub anno domini 1430 in london.
Abbreviation of materials mainly in Bks. 4 and 5 of the Speculum doctrinale of Vincent of Beauvais, arranged alphabetically by topic. One other manuscript is known, Basle, Universitätsbibliothek, B.XI.3, ff. 238-308 (s. XIV; belonged to the Dominicans of Basle). The work was studied from the Basle manuscript by Ph. Delhaye, “Un dictionnaire d’éthique attribué à Vincent de Beauvais,” Mélanges de science religieuse 1 (1951) 65-84.
Parchment, ff. i (modern paper) + 97 + i (modern paper); 178 × 120 (115 × 67) mm. 1-118 128(+9). Catchwords in lower right margin, most enclosed by scrolls; quire 1 with no visible signatures; quires 2-12, marked +, a-k and the leaves in roman numerals. 26 long lines, ruled in ink with the top and bottom 2 lines full across. Written by 2 scribes: i, ff. 1-8v in an anglicana formata hand probably by an Englishman; ii, ff. 9-97 in an anglicana formata hand possibly by a foreigner working in London. Opening initial, 6-line, in a German or Dutch style in light blue with red flourishing and infilled with void leaf designs; secondary initials, 3- or 2-line, bulbous and plain in the same light blue, with guide letters visible; alternating red and light blue paragraph marks. In quire 1, 1-line initials tinted yellow. Sources cited underscored in red; rubrics throughout. On f. 97v, 6 brief extracts from the text in the same mid-fifteenth century secretary hand that occasionally annotates the text: “De providencia et partibus eius…” On f. 97, the text is followed by a 3-line note added in a sixteenth century hand, “Idcirco intermittitur Lex, et non procedit in aeternum, quia improbus circumsidet iustum. Idcirco prodit ius Lubricatum,” and two Hebrew inscriptions in a single hand, the first “alleluia,” the second a transliteration of the name “Robert Varchoff.”1 Bound, s. XVIII, in quarter calf; marbled paper boards; morocco label on the spine: “Quartum Speculum Vincentii MS 1438.” Written in London in 1430, as signed on f. 97. Belonged to Sir Thomas Phillipps, who had acquired it from Thomas Thorpe shortly before 1840; Phillipps MS 9622; Phillipps sale, Sotheby’s, 21 March 1895, lot 1134. H. W. Edwards Catalogue 106 [1963] n. 61; acquired from Edwards by the Huntington Library in July 1963.
Secundo folio: meus in seipsam
Bibliography: Chronica, 5.
1 We thank Rabbi Norbert Weinberg for this information.

J. Preston, “Medieval Manuscripts at the Huntington: Supplement to De Ricci’s Census,” Chronica: a Newsletter Published by the Medieval Association of the Pacific 21 (1977) 2-9

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