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England, s. XV2
The vernacul y honowr hym & the/ that the made thrugh his preute…and lest schall without hend/ Ihesu crist vs þethere send Amen. [dorse blank]
IMEV 2577. R. Morris, ed., Legends of the Holy Rood; Symbols of the Passion and Cross-Poems. EETS os 46 (London 1871) 171-93, here with text similar to London, Brit. Lib., Add. 22029, but with the picture and verses on the hammer (vv. 101-104) placed after the verses on the ladder (v. 124), and missing vv. 71-72 while vv. 77-78 were copied erroneously in their place, probably due to confusion at the break between the 2 membranes. See R. H. Robbins, “The ‘Arma Christi’ Rolls,” Modern Language Review 34 (1939) 415-21.
Parchment, roll of 2 membranes, 1,638 × 103 (1,530 × 63) mm. 148 lines of verse, very faintly ruled in ink. Written in a mixed hand with anglicana and early secretary forms. Twenty-four illustrations colored in pink, green and gold, in an unskilled style, and generally similar to those shown by Morris for Add. 22029: 1, the Vernicle with the face of Christ in the center of a large cloth, geometrically divided; 2, knife for the Circumcision; 3, pelican in its piety; 4, thirty pieces of silver; 5, lantern; 6, sword and stave; 7, rod; 8, a hand with strands of Christ’s hair and the hand that slapped him; 9, cloth to blindfold Christ; 10, dice and the unseamed coat; 11, two scourges; 12, crown of throns; 13, pillar placed sideways across the roll, and entwined with ropes; 14, standing Christ holding the cross; 15, three nails; 16, vessel; 17, rod with sponge; 18, spear; 19, ladder; 20, hammer; 21, tongs; 22, the face of Christ in the center with a Jew spitting at him from either side; 23, cross with three nails, placed sideways across the roll; 24, sepulchre with Christ’s body lying in it. Kept in a green silk bag with a drawstring; s. XIX. Written in England in the second half of the fifteenth century. Acquired by the Huntington Library at Sotheby’s, 11 April 1961, lot 139. Bibliography: Chronica, 5.
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Early English Text Society original series
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