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England, s. XII2
ff. 1-287: [A]urelii Augustini Egregii Oratoris Tractatus prior de psalmo centesimo primo incipit D[omine exaudi orationem meam et clamor meus] ad te veniat, Unus pauper orat et non orat in silentio…Et quia sapere secundum carnem mors est, omnis spiritus laudet dominum. Aurelii Augustini Episcopi Tractatus de Psalmo Centesimo Quinquagesimo Explicit. Amen. [f. 287v, blank]
E. Dekkers and J. Fraipont, eds., Augustine, Enarrationes in Psalmos, CC 38-40 (Turnholt 1956).
Parchment, ff. ii (contemporary parchment) + 287; 350 × 250 (250 × 164) mm. 1-812 9-1010 11-128 138(-5, no loss of text) 14-318 328(-5 through 8). Catchwords in the center of the lower margin through quire 8, thereafter in inner right corner. 2 columns of 40 lines through quire 6, of 38 lines in quires 7-10, of 36 lines in the rest of the book. Ruled in lead and brown crayon, double bounding lines, triple rules between the columns, top and bottom first and third lines full across through quire 10, thereafter top and bottom 3 lines full across. Pricking remains in the 3 outer margins and in 2 parallel lines in the inner margin of quires 7-10. Written, above the top line, by 2 people in well-formed book hands: i, ff. 1-115va (quire ends with f. 116); ii, ff. 115va-287. On f. 1, fine large initial, approx. 95 × 83 mm., of pen-drawn ornaments, vines, palmette forms and biting dragons, reserved, against a blue and green ground, with some red in the dragons; on f. 5v, a smaller initial in the same style, but without colors; initials, 6- to 3-line, up to f. 99 in plain red, yellow, green or blue, occasionally with simple foliage tendrils in the same or another color; from f. 99v on, more elaborate initials, often using several colors and a few animal forms, but of varying quality (among the better, ff. 162, 177, 189v, 224v, 235); from f. 116 (with change of scribal hand), 3- and 2-line initials in colors with simple foliage of another color; also from f. 116, 1-line single color initials; initials within the text filled in red and biblical passages underlined in red on ff. 1-46, 197v-199, 201-287; biblical texts noted by the first scribe with single S strokes in the margin in the ink of the text. Display script for beginning line of f. 1 not filled in; opening lines of each psalm in a bastard uncial script; one heading in green ink on f. 82v; other rubrics in red. Numbers of psalms added, s. XIII/XIV, in running headlines in arabic numerals. Some marginalia in red. Later sketches, imitative of the dragons in the initial on that leaf, in the lower margin of f. 120v. Bad stains on ff. 173v-174; lower 2/3 of f. 287 cut away. Bound, s. XII2/XIII, in leather over wooden boards with square edges flush to the book block; sewn on 3 wide bands; spine flat. Lunette-shaped tabs at the head and foot (partially cut away) of the spine, lined with a fabric woven in pink and green and embroidered around the edge. This binding covered in thin parchment, possibly in the eighteenth century. Remains of a paper label on the spine. Written in eastern England in the second half of the twelfth century. In the upper margin of f. 1, the pressmark “B.B.” Listed by Ker, MLGB, 170 as possibly from the Augustinian abbeyof St. Osyth in Essex. Belonged to the Tollemache family of Helmingham Hall, Suffolk, who began collecting at the turn of the seventeenth century. For a brief history of this collection, see Sotheby catalogue, 14 June 1965, iii-viii. N. 63 in the old Helmingham catalogue; small paper label on inside front cover “L.J.V.9” corrected to “L.J.III.” with pressmark of Sir Lionel Tollemache. Tollemache sale, Sotheby’s, 6 June 1961 with plate of f. 1, to the Huntington Library.
Secundo folio: dicit. A finibus
Bibliography: Schenkl 4695. Römer, i, 339. Chronica, 4.
Corpus christianorum
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