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England, s. XIIIex
1. ff. 1-6v: Magna Carta with rubric, “Incipiunt provisiones de Ronnemede scilicet carta Regis Iohannis,” 17 John; J. C. Holt, Magna Carta (Cambridge 1965) pp. 304-12 for the “Articles of the Barons,” and pp. 313-37 for the charter itself with a translation; here with variants suggesting it to be a draft of the charter. See V. H. Galbraith, “A New MS of the Statutes,” HLQ 22 (1958-59) 148-51, “A Draft of Magna Carta (1215),” Proceedings of the British Academy 53 (1967) 345-60, and “Statutes of Edward I: Huntington Library MS HM 25782,” in Essays in Medieval History presented to Bertie Wilkinson, ed. by T. A. Sandquist and M. R. Powicke (Toronto 1969) 176-91 with a pl. of f. 85v. 2. f. 7r-v: [Note for rubric in the upper margin] Exposiciones verborum antiquorum anglicorum, Munthbreche, Trepas vers seignur; Burgbreche, Quite de forfeture de Citee depescer…Danegeld, Estre quit de doner ou ayder al tribut ke les Roys de Engleterre soleient doner a Danays e al Roy de Danemarche.
List of 34 Old English legal terms and their French meanings.
3. f. 8r-v: Assize of weights and measures, beginning “Notandum quod la charre plumby constat ex triginta fotmall…,” followed by the first paragraph of this assize, “Per discrecionem tocius regni Anglie fuit mensura domini Regis composita…Et octo galones frumenti faciunt bussellum london. hoc est octavam partem quarterii”; SR 1:204-05. 4. ff. 9-12: Dictum of Kenilworth, 51 and 52 Henry III; SR 1:12-17. 5. ff. 12-14: Articles of the eyre; SR 1:233-34a. 6. ff. 14-15: Extenta manerii; SR 1:242-43. 7. ff. 15v-16: Assize of bread and ale (the latter with its own heading); SR 1:199-200. 8. f. 16r-v: View of frankpledge, here in Latin; SR 1:246-47. 9. ff. 17-20v: Magna Carta, ending “…Hiis testibus Domino S. Cantuariense Archiepiscopo,” 9 Henry III; SR 1, charters, 22-25. 10. ff. 21-23: Carta de foresta, ending “…Hiis testibus Domino S. Cantuariense Archiepiscopo et cetera,” 9 Henry III; SR 1, charters, 26-27. 11. f. 23r-v: Sentence of curse given by the bishops against the breakers of the charters, 37 Henry III; SR 1:6-7. 12. ff. 23v-24v: Capitula foreste, Videnda sunt assarta facta in foresta post principium secundi anni prime Coronationis domini Henrici Regis Tercii…vel aliquod ingenium aliud ad malefaciendum domino Regi de feris suis.
Chapters of the Regard, in Patent Rolls of the reign of Henry III…1225-1232 (London 1903) 286-87.
13. f. 24v: General days in banc; SR 1:208. 14. ff. 25-26v: Provisions of Merton, 20 Henry III; SR 1:1-4. 15. ff. 27-32: Statute of Marlborough, 52 Henry III; SR 1:19-25. 16. f. 32v: [added in a later hand] Beginning of a copy of the will of Gylbart Forman of Rodwell, Yorkshire, dated 21 May “M d et cetera.” 17. ff. 33-35v: Chapter list of the statutes of Westminster I, Gloucester, Westminster II. 18. f. 36: [added, s. XV] Hec sunt capitula que inqueri debent a capitalis franci plegii in singulis locis Anglie ubi homines sunt in decena scilicet bis per annum in festo sancti Michaelis et Pasche. Et de hoc etiam primo iuratus iurare quod verum dicet de capitalis que ab eo exiguntur ex parte domini Regis et quod pro nullo dimittet quando verum dicet. Si omnes libere tenentes <?> summoniti fuerint…Si aliqua via vel legalis Semita sit obstructa vel consternata vel levata contra libertatem domini et quis est ille qui hoc fecit. [f. 36v, ruled, but blank] 19. ff. 37-48: Statute of Westminster I, 3 Edward I; SR 1:26-39. 20. ff. 48v-51v: Statute of the exchequer “…les estatuz del Escheker fez a Westmuster a la cluse Paske en l’an le roy Edward fiz le Roy Henry tierz”; SR 1:197-98. 21. ff. 51v-53v: Statute of jewry “…les estatuz de la Ieurie ke nostre seignur le Roy Edward fiz le Roy Henry fist a Wemuster [sic] a son parlement a la Quinzeyne de seint Michel l’an de son regne tierz,” followed straight on by the Districciones scaccarii, “E purceo ke le commun del Reaume ad eu graunt damage…le viscunte avera reconu sey aver receu”; SR 1:221-21a and 197b. 22. ff. 53v-56: Statute of Gloucester, beginning with the chapter on damages in novel disseisin, and with the dating clause added in a later hand, 6 Edward I; SR 1:47-50. 23. f. 56v: Exposition of the statute of Gloucester, 6 Edward I; SR 1:50. 24. f. 57r-v: Statute for religious men, with dating clause added in a later hand, 7 Edward I; SR 1:51. 25. ff. 58-59: Statute of merchants, with dating clause added in a later hand, 11 Edward I; SR 1:53-54. 26. ff. 59v-61v: Statute of merchants, 13 Edward I; SR 1:98-100. 27. f. 62r-v: Statute for respiting of knighthood; SR 1:229. 28. ff. 63-82v: Statute of Westminster II, ending “…seit puni a la volente le Roy ausi bien cely ki le purchacera come cely ki le fra,” 13 Edward I; SR 1:71-95. 29. f. 82v: [added in a different hand] Quia emptores, 18 Edward I; SR 1:106. 30. ff. 83-85: Statute of Winchester, with dating clause added in a later hand, 13 Edward I; SR 1:96-98. 31. ff. 85v-87v: Statute of Exeter “…les estatuz le Roy Edward fiz le Roy Henry fez a Excester a la feste seint Hillarii l’an de son Regne Quatorzim,” with loss of a leaf after f. 86; SR 1:210-12.
Parchment, ff. ii (modern paper) + 87 + ii (modern paper); 217 × 147 (156 × 97) mm. 1-48 54(ff. 33-36) 68 710 8-108 1110(-9). Catchwords in inner lower margin, some in red ink frames; some leaf signatures as vertical slashes in crayon visible in quires 7 and 9. 32 long lines, ruled in lead with double vertical bounding lines to the written space, with additional single rules in the inner and outer margins, and with additional double rules in the upper and lower margins. Written in an anglicana script, with brief texts on ff. 32v, 36 and 82v added in other hands. 5- and 4-line parted red and blue initials with flourishing and infilling in whorl designs in both colors; 4- to 2-line initials alternating red and blue with infilling and flourishing of the other color; paragraph marks alternating red and blue. Running headlines added, s. XV; chapter numbers in the hand of the scribe and by later hands, some correcting the first numbers. Later corrections to the text in the statutes of Westminster I, II and Gloucester. Evidence of fore edge tabs once sewn to upper corners of leaves. Early modern foliation in ink in the lower right corner of the recto, frequently cropped. Bound, s. XVIII, in English tan calf; rebacked; gilt edges. Written in England towards the end of the thirteenth century; the text contains the statute of Exeter (1286) in the main hand and Quia emptores (1290) added by a second hand. An allusion to the manor of Nasby in Northamptonshire in the text of the statute of Westminster II (f. 66v) seems to refer to the legal struggles of Isabella de Fortibus (1237-93) regarding those lands. On f. 32v, the will of Gylbart Forman of Rodwell, Yorkshire dated 21 May 1500. On f. 1, s. XVIII (?), “No. 84 JP.” Bookplate on front pastedown of Lowther, possibly of the earls of Lonsdale. Acquired by the Huntington Library from H. P. Kraus in 1957.
Secundo folio: (ha-)beat maritagium
Bibliography: Aspects of Medieval England, n. 1 open to f. 6v. Chronica, 4.
Aspects of Medieval England
Aspects of Medieval England: Manuscripts for Research in the Huntington Library, an Exhibition prepared for the Medieval Academy of America, 14 April 1972 [San Marino 1972]
J. Preston, “Medieval Manuscripts at the Huntington: Supplement to De Ricci’s Census,” Chronica: a Newsletter Published by the Medieval Association of the Pacific 21 (1977) 2-9
Huntington Library Quarterly
Statutes of the Realm (London 1810-28)

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