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Netherlands, s. XVmed
ff. 1-14v: [Anon.] Tue non immemor petitionis o karissima mater tibi ut rogasti scribere studui…sed illi qui in te hoc operatur et velle et perficere pro bona voluntate cui est honor et potestas et imperium per infinita secula seculorum. Amen. Explicit epistola Sancti augustini [name erased] ad matrem suam. [Entire attribution marked “Vacat” by the same person who inserted a more general statement:] Explicit epistola cuiusdam devoti patris ad quandam spiritualem singularis devotionis matrem doctrinaliter conscripta.
PL 134:915-938.
Paper (watermark, a letter “P,” similar to Briquet 8685, Düsseldorf, 1464), ff. i (early modern paper) + 14; 210 × 140 (160 × 105) mm. 112 + 2 single leaves. 35 long lines, ruled in hard point. Written in a hybrida script. Opening initial, 13-line, parted red and blue with lacy red leaf infilling, and red or olive green penwork decoration; initials within the text slashed in red. Carefully corrected throughout. Bound in an eighteenth century German document on vellum. Written in the Netherlands. Sotheby (?) sale slip attached to the front pastedown. Dawson’s Book Shop of Los Angeles, Catalogue 83, March 1932, n. 6 to Mary W. T. Dickinson. Received by the Huntington Library in April 1953 as a bequest from Mary Dickinson (d. September 1952).
Secundo folio: (dis-)tantibus nos hoc
Bibliography: Chronica, 4.
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