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England or
France, s. XIIIin
ff. 1-10v: //veniet tibi fames in regno tuo, aut tribus mensibus fugies adversarios tuos…non essent. Porro in extremitatibus cuiusque// [bifolium missing; f. 3:] //ad mare eneum et abluebat ibi pedes et manus…Ecce filii tui israel qui eduxerunt te de terra// [2(?) quires missing; f. 5:] //quibus iratus es. Iste iam…respondit, sed paulo post tempore usque ad//
Peter Comestor, Historia scholastica, on sections of 2 and 3 Kings, Daniel, Judith and Ester; PL 198:1346-1355, 1364-1373, 1473-1499.
Parchment, ff. i (early modern paper) + 10 + i (early modern paper); 332 × 238 (211 × 140) mm. 2 columns of 48 lines, some columns divided into 2 narrower columns (e.g. on ff. 5, 10v), ruled in lead, single bounding lines. Two quires, probably originally sexterni; the first lacks its inner bifolium. Written by one person in a spiky littera textualis. Spaces reserved for 2-line initials. Notes to rubricator in the lower margin. Occasional corrections and index notes in a contemporary hand. Running headlines added. Bound in blue cloth over pasteboard probably by Bretherton. Written in England or France in the opening years of the thirteenth century. Probably originates in a French collection, for the 2 quires are wrapped in a paper bifolium inscribed on the back leaf in a late eighteenth or early nineteenth century hand, “Chevaux D’artillerie De Campagne.” Folio i bears the number “510” and a contents note, s. XVIII, “fragmentum epistolarum Sancti hyeronimi ad Sanctos Augustinum et Alipium Episcopos. MS XII s.,” surmounted by a cross, signed with a two-letter monogram, D[?], and numbered 6. Sold ca. 1824 by Thomas Thorpe to Sir Thomas Phillipps. On f. 1, the Phillipps Middle Hill stamp and his number 2520. Phillipps sale, Sotheby’s, 15 June 1908, lot 90, to Parkes. Acquired by Nathan Comfort Starr (b. 1896) of St. John’s College, Annapolis, Maryland; his bookplate on front pastedown. N. 313 in a book dealer’s catalogue. Acquired by Mary W. T. Dickinson. Received by the Huntington Library in April 1953 as a bequest from Mary Dickinson (d. September 1952). Bibliography: De Ricci, 751; Chronica, 4.
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