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BOOK OF HOURS, use of Rome
Italy, s. XV2
1. ff. 1-12v: Calendar in red and black, including the feasts of Maurelius (7 May, in red), Alo (25 June), “Festum nivis” (5 August), Cerbonus (10 October). 2. ff. 13-85: Incipit offitium beate et gloriose virginis marie secundum consuetudinem romane curie; suffrages of All Saints after each hour except matins; weekly and seasonal variations begin on f. 67v; ff. 85v-86v, ruled, but blank. 3. ff. 87-110: Penitential psalms and litany. 4. ff. 110v-115: Short hours of the Cross; ff. 115v-116v, ruled, but blank. 5. ff. 117-166v: Office of the Dead, use of Rome. Parchment prepared in the southern manner, ff. i + 166 + i; 98 × 70 (55 × 37) mm. 112 2-810 94(to f. 86) 10-1110 1210(to f. 116) 13-1710. Catchwords to the right in the lower margin. A few quire and leaf signatures remain uncropped, as letters of the alphabet and arabic numerals. 15 long lines ruled in pale brown ink. Written in a round Italian gothic book hand. Opening page, f. 13, 10-line, rose-colored historiated initial of the Virgin and Child on a square gold ground with acanthus leaf extensions; IHS monogram in the lower margin; full border, composed of regular black ink sprays, gold dots and flowers in the Ferrara style. On f. 87 (Penitential psalms), 9-line, rose-colored historiated initial of David praying, half-length, against a gold cusped ground with marginal extensions of acanthus leaves and gold dots; f. 110v (Hours of the Cross), similar initial containing a cross on a square ground; f. 117 (Office of the Dead), similar initial containing a skull. The hours of the Virgin after matins designated by a 6-line rose-colored initial against a square gold ground with acanthus leaf extension; infilling is a green and gold petalled flower. Secondary initials, 2-line blue with red harping and beading, or red with purple; 1-line initials within the text alternating red or blue. Rubrics in red. Bound, s. XVII, in Italian calf over wooden boards with gilt tooling of a pomegranate design; gilt edges. Written possibly in Florence, given the style of the illuminations. On the front pastedown the engraved heraldic bookplate of C. W. Loscombe; Sotheby’s, 16 December 1946, lot 547 to the London booksellers McLeish and Sons; sold by them to Dawson’s Book Shop in Los Angeles with correspondence to that effect dated November 1947 now in Huntington files; sold by Dawson’s to Mary W. T. Dickinson by that date. Received by the Huntington Library in April 1953 as a bequest from Mary Dickinson (d. September 1952). Bibliography: Chronica, 4.
J. Preston, “Medieval Manuscripts at the Huntington: Supplement to De Ricci’s Census,” Chronica: a Newsletter Published by the Medieval Association of the Pacific 21 (1977) 2-9

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