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Seville, s. XVI2
1. ff. vi-ix verso: [Chapter list with reference to contemporary foliation] Tabla de los Capitulos y obligations que tiene esta rregla, Capitulo primero de la orden que se a de tener en hazer la fiesta de sancta anna, v.…Capitulo lxxvi que habla que el prioste que a la sazon fuere sea obligado a mandar a sentar a los hermanos, lii. 2. ff. 1-4: Pericopes of the Gospels. 3. ff. 4v-48v: [Prayer] En el nombre de dios todopoderoso padre e hijo e spiritu sancto tres personas, una essençia…e complir todo quanto en esta Regla se contiene. [f. 5, Text:] Capitulo primero que habla de nuestra fiesta de la bien aventurada señora sanctana, Primeramente ordenamos e estableçemos para siempre jamas…y al bien e pro deste nuestro ospital e pobres del. 4. ff. 48v-52v: Added regulations, dated 1574 on f. 49; included in the chapter list. 5. ff. 53-54v: Added regulations, in a different hand. 6. ff. 55-60v: Additional modifications of the Rule, in various cursive hands, including these dates: f. 57, 1633; f. 58v, 1574; f. 59, 1562 (?); f. 60v, 1645; ff. 61-62v, ruled, but blank. Parchment, ff. ix (contemporary parchment) + 62 + i (contemporary parchment); 188 × 142 (140 × 102) mm. 12(1 is pastedown) 22 3 (two singletons? ff. iv-v) 48(-1 through 4) 5-108 114(ff. 49-52) 126(-2) 134(-1) 144(-3,4) 152(flyleaf and pastedown). Catchwords written vertically in the inside lower margin of quires 6-8 and horizontally in quire 9. 20 long lines through f. 48v, ruled in lead; in art. 4, 20 long lines (unruled?); in art. 5, 16 long lines; in art. 6, 14-22 long lines. Round prick marks at left and right bounding lines repeated in a slightly different position on each recto and verso of the folios in quire 4 (ff. vi-ix) only. Written by 8 people: i, ff. vi-ix, 48v lines 10-20, 49-52v in a round gothic script; ii, ff. 1-48v line 9, in a round gothic script; iii, ff. 53-54v, in a round gothic script, possibly the same as i; iv, ff. 55-57, in a cursive script; (f. 57v, blank; f. 58, erased); v, f. 58 top, in a cursive script; vi, f. 58 bottom, in a cursive script; vii, f. 59, in a cursive script; (f. 59v, blank); viii, f. 60r-v, in a cursive script with italic features (ff. 61-62, blank). Full page miniature of the Crucifixion with Mary and John on f. iv verso and, facing it on f. v, a full page miniature of Anne, Mary and the infant Jesus; both of mediocre quality. 6- to 4-line parted red and blue initials with red and lavender penwork on the first 4 leaves of text. 3- and 2-line initials alternating blue with red, and red with purple penwork through f. 48v. On each leaf through f. 48v, double blue line to the left of the text on each recto and a double red line on each verso; the borders on ff. 1, 1v, 2v, 3v, 4v and 5 decorated with red and purple flourishing (predominantly red for the blue borders, and predominantly purple for the red borders). Rubrics and chapter numbers in red through f. 48v. On ff. 49-57v, double bounding lines in red around the written space; on ff. 49-54v, plain red initials, 3- and 2-line. Two sets of contemporary foliation through f. 52: in red roman numerals in the upper right corner, and in brown arabic numerals in the lower right corner. Bound in old red velvet with modern brass ornaments on both covers; 2 old fore edge clasps of red velvet and brass, back to front. Written, ca. 1574, for, and probably by, the Cofradia de Santa Ana in the parish of that saint in Triana, in the vicinity of Seville. Circular label with scalloped edges on the front pastedown, “No 18/1.40.00.” Received by the Huntington Library in April 1953 as a bequest from Mary W. T. Dickinson (d. September 1952).
Secundo folio: [f. ii] alcaldes, xvii; [f. 2] ad virginem desponsatam
Bibliography: Chronica, 3.
J. Preston, “Medieval Manuscripts at the Huntington: Supplement to De Ricci’s Census,” Chronica: a Newsletter Published by the Medieval Association of the Pacific 21 (1977) 2-9

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