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BOOK OF HOURS, use of Rome
Flanders, s. XVex
1. ff. 1-12v: Calendar in red and black, including the feasts of Basilius (14 June), Remigius and Bavo (1 October) and Donatianus (14 October). 2. ff. 13-14: Oracio de sancta veronica, Salve sancta facies nostri redemptoris…[RH 18189]; Oracio, Deus qui nobis signatis lumen vultus tui…[HE, 174-75]; f. 14v, blank. 3. ff. 15-23 [f. 15, blank]: Mass of the Virgin; f. 23v, blank. 4. ff. 24-89 [f. 24, blank]: Incipit officium beate marie secundum usum romanum; weekly variations of psalms follow matins; suffrages of All Saints and prayer for peace follow hours from lauds to compline; f. 88, Salve Regina; f. 89v, blank. 5. ff. 90-99: Variations on the office for the Virgin for the liturgical year; f. 99v, blank. 6. ff. 100-119v: Penitential psalms and litany including Eleazar among the monks. 7. ff. 120-123v [f. 120, blank]: Devota oracio de sancta maria, Obsecro te…[masculine forms; Leroquais, LH 2:346]. Parchment, ff. i (paper) + ii (parchment) + 123 + i (paper); 60 × 46 (37 × 23) mm. For the collation, the structure of (the 2 flyleaves and?) ff. 1-4 is unclear, 28 38(+3, f. 15) 48(+3, f. 24) 5-128 13 (ff. 96-99 of uncertain structure) 14-158 168(+5, f. 120). Catchwords written vertically along the inner bounding line. 17 long lines ruled in very pale brown ink. Written in a gothic book hand. Three inserted singletons, blank on the recto, and with a miniature of simple execution on the verso; the leaves facing the miniatures with the same style borders and 5-line white acanthus initials: f. 15v, Virgin and Child, on the crescent; f. 24v, Annunciation; f. 120v, Pietà; the same style border on ff. 13 (with a coat of arms, see below) and 100. Secondary initials, 5-line, white-patterned blue or pink on a gold cusped ground with trilobe leaf infilling; 2-line initials in gold against blue or pink square ground with infilling of the other color; 1-line initials, blue with red penwork or gold with black. Rubrics in pale red. Bound, s. XVIII, in Italian red morocco; gilt edges; black morocco slip case. Written in Flanders at the end of the fifteenth century for use in Bruges, according to the saints in the calendar. The coat of arms on f. 13 appears to be original, and is probably that of the Esneval family of Normandy (Rietstap, vol. 2, pl. 280). The book bears the number “26” on the spine and on f. i; also on f. i, the erased press mark “D.8.1,” the cipher “1673/2629,” and what is probably the price code for Dawson’s Book Shop, Los Angeles. Received by the Huntington Library in April 1953 as a bequest from Mary W. T. Dickinson (d. September 1952). Bibliography: Chronica, 3.
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