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Italy, s. XVex
1. ff. 1-24v: Incipiunt epistule et evangelia festorum solemnium. Et primo ad primam missam in nativitate domini. Ad titum, Carissime Apparuit gratia dei salvatoris…[f. 24, In sancti Mauri abbatis et martyris Lectio libri sapientie, Beatus vir qui inventus est sine macula…] Si quis mihi ministraverit honorificabit eum pater meus qui est in celis.
Readings from the Epistles and Gospels for 24 main feasts of the liturgical year, from the first mass of Christmas through All Saints’ Day and Maurus (abbot and martyr? the only saint present); between the feasts of the Apparition of Michael in Mt. Gargano (8 May) and Ascension, are readings for the anniversary of a dedication of a church.
2. ff. 24v-26v: [added in a different hand] In cena domini Lectio epistule beati pauli ad corinthios, Fratres, Convenientibus vobis in unum…[f. 26, Feria iii post resurrectionem domini. Secundum lucam, In illo tempore. Stetit yesus in medio discipulorum suorum…] et predicari in nomine eius penitentiam in remissionem peccatorum in omnes gentes.
Readings for these 2 feasts added out of sequence, the second with a tie mark to its proper position on f. 11.
Parchment, ff. i (contemporary paper) + 30 + ii (contemporary paper; watermark, not in Briquet, of a C within a circle, with a trilobe flower above the circle and an N below it); 282 × 213 (192 × 132) mm. 1-210 310(1, 2 replacements, attached to stubs). Catchwords in the center of the lower margin enclosed by designs of black ink dots. 2 columns of 23 lines, ruled in ink. Written in a round gothic script by two scribes: i, ff. 1-24v; ii, ff. 24v-26v. Opening initial, 7-line, in dusky rose decorated with green and blue acanthus leaves, and infilling with rose-colored flowers against a blue ground, the whole set on a square gold ground; C-shaped border in Ferrara-style flowers and regular, compact penwork with a medallion of the archangel Michael in the lower border and the Holy Monogram, YHS, in the upper. Also on f. 1, a 2-line gold initial on a rose and green ground; the entire written and decorated space enclosed by a narrow frame of blue and gold strips. Other initials up to f. 24v, 2-line, alternating blue with red harping and beading, or red with purple; 1-line initials washed in yellow. Opening initial of art. 2 on f. 24v in red with poorly done brown penwork; remaining 2-line initials of art. 2 in plain red; 1-line initials stroked through in red. Rubrics throughout. Bound, s. XIX (?), in green brocade silk over wooden boards, with 5 bosses on the front and on the back covers; red and green speckled edges; a small pendant seal, with a worn legend, “IMPORTAZIONE [?],” attached to a cord along the spine. Written in Italy at the end of the fifteenth century. Armorial bookplate on the front pastedown stated on bookdealer’s slip to be that of Prince Odescalchi, presumably referring to Prince Pietro Odescalchi (1789-1856), whose books were sold at auction by the Libreria Bonifazi, Rome in 1856. The bookplate bears the same charges in chief as Rietstap, vol. 4, pl. 304, but with 5 chalices (?) instead of the vair field; motto: “Per servire s’acquista, Servi quando poi.” N. 153 in an American bookseller’s catalogue (slip on file); “n. 546” in pencil on f. i. Received by the Huntington Library in April 1953 as a bequest from Mary W. T. Dickinson (d. September 1952).
Secundo folio: deo et in terra
Bibliography: Chronica, 3.
C. M. Briquet, Les Filigranes: dictionnaire historique des marques du papier…1282 jusqu’à 1600, facs. of the 1907 edition with supplementary material, ed. A. Stevenson (Amsterdam 1968)
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