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HM 1735

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BREVIARY, fragment
Italy, s. XII1
ff. 1-2v: //Alleluia. Dum presens est imitantur illam et desiderant eam…[f. 2v:] Incipiunt responsoria d[e] diurnis horis usque <?> in quadr[agesima], Adiutor meus esto deus ne derelinquas me…Vers., In te confirmatus sum ex uter//
Fragment of a noted breviary with responses for matins and lauds on the Saturday before Septuagesima, and responses for the day hours in Lent.
Parchment, 2 consecutive leaves; 302 × 214 (247 × 180) mm. 14 lines of text, ruled in dry point on the hair side with triple vertical bounding lines; pricking in slash form visible in the outer margin of f. 2. Written in a minuscule script; music in neumes on a 3-line stave, F in red and the other 2 lines ruled in dry point; clefs A, C and F written to the left of the text. On f. 1, opening initial, ca. 75 × 50 mm., in red and green with blue and green infilling, decorated with white vine stem. Secondary initials, ca. 15 × 15 mm., alternating ink of the text and red, set outside the written space; rubrics in red. Written in the first half of the twelfth century in Italy, perhaps Lucca, given the form of the neumes; the presence of 12 responses shows monastic origin. Formerly as endleaves in RB 89742, a copy of Johannes Annius, Auctores vetustissimi (Rome: Eucharius Silber, 1498) GW 2015, Mead, n. 2164, acquired by Henry E. Huntington from A. S. W. Rosenbach in September 1924. The leaves were removed from the printed book and catalogued separately in February 1927. Bibliography: Aspects of Medieval England, n. 37.
Aspects of Medieval England
Aspects of Medieval England: Manuscripts for Research in the Huntington Library, an Exhibition prepared for the Medieval Academy of America, 14 April 1972 [San Marino 1972]
Gesamtkatalog der Wiegendrucke (1925- )
H. R. Mead, Incunabula in the Huntington Library (San Marino 1937)
; the manuscripts bound with incunables are not mentioned

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