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HM 1729

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France, s. XVIex
1. [ff. 1-2v, blank except for name “Andreas Gruellius” on f. 1; f. 2r-v, ruled] ff. 3-187: praefatio in laudem eloquentiae, In cipriani zoaris rhetoricam annota, 1587, Quod philosophorum illi princeps homerus et quasi quidam dens apolinis…[f. 8v, Text:] de nomine rhetoricae, Quoniam ut scribis aristoteles…firmitatis. Finis. [f. 182:] Tabula in cipriani zoaris rhetoricae annotationes, A, Artis significatio eiusque aceptio, 13; ars non cadrat in rhetoricam, 13…Virtus quid, 61; Vitiosum in exordio quid, 110. Finis tabulae.
Notes, presumably on the De Arte Rhetorica Libri tres of Cyprian Soarez, S. J. (1524-1593), first printed 1565 (n.p.).
2. ff. 187v-188: Totius rhetoricae actiomata, Quod convenit de fintioni convenit et definitio…sublato autem enim <?> tollitur consequuen<?>. Finis. [ff. 188v-189v, ruled, but blank] 3. ff. 190-271v: De Geographiae Nomine, Caput Primum, Mobar In Geographiam navigantibus provincias nullus commodum visus est Exordium quam si Geographiam…quondam artium gloria revelatur musarum <?> modo turcarum <?> gratia Nature <?>. Finis laudabat opus. A. Gruel. [ff. 272-273v, ruled, but blank]
Paper (watermarks not in Briquet), ff. ii (contemporary parchment scrap) + i (contemporary paper) + 273 + i (contemporary paper) + stubs of the same parchment as the front flyleaf; 172 × 130 (123 × 68) mm. 18(-8) 2-34 46 54 66 7-82 9-274 282 29-354 362 37-474 488(-7, 8 but apparently no text missing) 49-684. Quire signatures for the notes on geography, ff. 190-271v, as letters of the alphabet on first leaf on the quire. 20-29 long lines, frame ruled in ink with a narrow space allotted at the top for titles, and a wide strip in the outer margin for notes; pricking visible in the lower and outer margins. Written in a rapid secretary hand. Some titles written in a display script and underlined in brown ink; some underlining in yellow in the index, ff. 182-187. Contemporary foliation in arabic numerals, beginning the count again at f. 190, with art. 3; marginalia in the hand of the main texts, concentrated on the rhetorical material. Pages frequently left blank, and marked “nihil deest.” Original text on f. i-ii, washed and illegible; notes on f. iii in French, s. XVI, making reference to Lyons. Bound, s. XVI, in French brown calf; gold stamped laurel wreath on front and back cover. Written in France; owned and possibly written by Andreas Gruellius, whose name appears on f. 1; perhaps from the area of Lyons, given the note on f. iii. Francis Edwards Catalogue 483 (1926) n. 864; acquired by Henry E. Huntington at that time. Bibliography: De Ricci, 110.
C. M. Briquet, Les Filigranes: dictionnaire historique des marques du papier…1282 jusqu’à 1600, facs. of the 1907 edition with supplementary material, ed. A. Stevenson (Amsterdam 1968)
De Ricci
S. De Ricci, with the assistance of W. H. Wilson, Census of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the United States and Canada (New York 1935-37; index 1940)

C. W. Dutschke with the assistance of R. H. Rouse et al., Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts in the Huntington Library (San Marino, 1989). Copyright 1989.
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