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Census of Petrarch MSS


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Census of Petrarch Manuscripts: Images


Libraries and manuscripts with images in the electronic Census of Petrarch Manuscripts, September 2004: if the call number is linked, the manuscript is also described in Digital Scriptorium; if the folio numbers are linked, description in the online text of the Census of Petrarch Manuscripts is pending.

Austin, Texas, University of Texas, Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center
HRC 047; Italy and Spain, s. XVmed (formerly Ms. Parsons 5)
Ms. Ranuzzi Ph. 13003; Italy, s. XVIII

Berkeley, California, University of California, Bancroft Library
UCB 014; Linterno ms. (formerly f2 Ms. BS485 S2)
UCB 085; Northern Italy, s. XIV-XV (formerly f2 Ms. AC13 C5)
UCB 089; Italy, s. XVex (formerly , f2 Ms. Uncat. 1966 11:34)
UCB 145; Northern Italy, s. XIV-XV (formerly f2 Ms. AC13 C5)

Chicago, Illinois, The Newberry Library
Case MS 3A 21; Italy, ca. 1562

Case MS ZW S35 S. 161; Rome, Italy, January 1549

MS 6A II (no. 1); Italy, s. XVI-XVII

MS 62; Low Countries (?), s. XV2

MS 70.5; Florence, Italy, s. XV and 24 October 1480
MS f57 (51-209; olim 36.1), St Trond, Low Countries, 1462-64

MS f95; Milan, Italy, ca. 1460-64

Wing MS ZW 1.45; Northern Italy, s. XV

Davis, California, University of California Library
UCD D-041:23; Northeastern Italy, sec. XV2

Ithaca, New York, Cornell University library
Note: Call numbers changed in the early 1990s.
Ms. 5; Florence (?), Italy, s. XV3/4 (olim Mss. Bd. Petrarch P D19 Z5)

Ms. 10; Paris, France, 1829 (olim Mss. Bd. Petrarch P M36)

Ms. 13; Germany, s. XVex (olim Mss. Bd. Petrarch P P49 E62)

Ms. 20; Naples (?), Italy, s. XVex (olim Mss. Bd. Petrarch P P49 R4++)

Ms. 23; Florence, Italy, ca. 1450-60 (olim Mss. Bd. Petrarch P P49 R51)

Ms. 28; Italy, s. XVmed (olim Mss. Bd. Petrarch P P49 R516)

Ms. 37; Florence (?), Italy, s. XV2 (olim Mss. Bd. Petrarch P P49 T88+)

Ms. 44; Germany (?), s. XV2 (olim Mss. Bd. Petrarch P P492 D24)

PQ4489; France, s. XVIin (olim Petrarch PQ4489 AI+ 1496)

New York, New York, Columbia University, Rare Book and Manuscript Library
Plimpton MS 004; Italy, s. XIVex
Plimpton MS 119; Italy, s. XV

New York, New York, New York Public Library
MA 087; Naples, Italy, s. XVex

New York, New York, Private Collection
Northeastern Italy, s. XVin

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, University of Pennsylvania Library
Note: Call numbers changed between 1995-2002.
Ms. Coll. 429; Italy, s. XVIex (olim Ms. Ital. 151)

Ms. Codex 297; Italy, s. XVIIin (olim Ms. Ital. 57)

Ms. Codex 315; Siena (?), Italy, s. XVex (olim Ms. Ital. 73)

Ms. Codex 762; Italy, s. XV (olim Ms. Lat. 43)

Ms. Codex 829; Lombardy, Italy, ca. 1475 (olim Ms. Lat. 7)

San Marino, California, The Huntington Library
EL 26 A 13; England, s. XV
HM 001083 (Linterno ms.)
RB 87637; Italy, s. XVex

Wellesley, Massachusetts, Wellesley College Library
Note: Call number format changed.
P485; probably Northeastern Italy, s. XVex (olim Plimpton 485)

P491; Northern Italy, s. XVex (olim Plimpton 491)

P492; Florence, Italy, s. XV3/4 (olim Plimpton 492)

P751; Northern Italy (Venice ?), s. XV1 (olim Plimpton 751)

P808 (Linterno ms.) (olim Plimpton 808)

P901; Florence, Italy, ca. 1450-60 (olim Plimpton 901)

P946; Netherlands, s. XV (olim Plimpton 946)

P1187; probably Florence, Italy, ca. 1450-60 (olim Plimpton 1187)

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