Census of the Petrarch Manuscripts in the United States


Southport, Connecticut, Laurence Witten Rare Books. Catalogue 18, no. 28

Paper, 1 s. XV (ca. 1460-80), ff. 101 (the last folio was apparently used as a pastedown), 216 × 145 mm., the Petrarch text is written in 24 lines of verse, 1-512 614 716 (-1) 810 (+2), a folio has been cut out leaving a stub at the end of quire 7, written primarily in a gothic cursive hand. Decoration: a large initial P at the beginning with a portrait of St. Jerome (?) drawn in pen and heightened with red; rubrics in red. Binding, original brown goatskin over paper boards, blind ruled on sides to form a double panel crossed with rules. f. 75v, Verses attributed to Petrarch, title "Oratio preclarissimi Francisci Petrarche ad sanctum Hieronimum", inc. "Rore parens perfuse sacro et celestibus auris ...", expl. "... Spiritui trinusque poli regnator et unus" (Walther, Initia carminum, no. 16903). Ms. also contains: St. Jerome, Vita et transitus (= Eusebius Cremonensis, Epistola de morte Hieronymi ; St. Augustine, Epistola de magnificentiis Hieronymi ; St. Cyrillus, De miraculis Hieronymi ). Li tre consigli de Christo; Li setti doni dello spirito sancto; Le sette virtù principali; Le sette opere de la misericordia corporale; Le sette opere de la misericordia spirituale. A list of Hebrew words (Latin spellings) and equivalents. St. Jerome, an extensive list of St. Jerome’s translations from Greek, mostly scriptural, and notes on his life. A Prayer to St. Jerome. Bartholomaeus Ursius of Brescia, Ad honorem S. Hieronymi, versus (10 couplets). Anonymous poem honoring St. Jerome. Ps. St. Augustine, De triplici habitaculo ; Sermo de quinque septenis ; Speculum peccatoris . Pater noster , with commentary. Credo, with commentary. Pater noster, with another commentary. ORIGIN
Written in Northern Italy, possibly Brescia, s. XVmed..
Laurence Witten Rare Books, Catalogue 18, no. 28, p. 52, pl. on p. 53.

1. Ms. not seen; my thanks to Mr. L. Witten for the information about the manuscript.

Walther, Initia carminum
Walther, H. Initia carminum ac versuum Medii Aevi posterioris Latinorum. Göttingen, 1959.

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