Census of the Petrarch Manuscripts in the United States


Garrett 93

Parch., ff. II (modern paper) + 110 + I-IV (early modern parch.) + II (modern paper), modern pencil foliation, 214 × 148 (128 × 90) mm., two columns of 28 lines, 1-48 56 6-148, plain horizontal catchwords, signatures at times cropped, ruled in red ink, pricking visible, written by one person, lettre bâtarde . Decoration: f. 1, 4ߚline blue initial in a gold frame, gold infilling with blue and red vinework, gold bar and blue and red outline, outside frame in margin is a vine and leaf decoration, and on the top and bottom are blue acanthus with flowers and strawberries; a border similar to f. 1 appears on ff. 39 and 101; 2 and 1ߚline alternating red or blue initials with blue and red pen decoration throughout; proper names are written in the margin by the scribe. Binding, 19thߚcent. citron morocco, gold stamped, gilt edges and on spine in gold letters "Petranc (sic) de vita solitar" "Augusti. Spec. peccato" and "MS in membranis". ff. 1-97, Petrarch, De vita solitaria , title "Francisci Petrarce laureati vite solitarie liber primus incipit ad Philippum Cavallicensem episcopum", ff. 1-37v, inc. (Bk. I) "Paucos homines novi ... urbibus solitudo tibi loquatior videatur. Francisci Petrarce laureati vite solitarie liber primus explicit. Incipit secundus", f. 38rv, blank, ff. 39-97, (Bk. II) "Sentio tamen ...", expl. "... verum dicis. Explicit Francisci Petrarce liber secundus" (ed. Martellotti, in Petrarca, Prose , 286-390).
ff. 97v-100v, blank.
ff. 101-107v, Ps. St. Augustine, Speculum peccatoris , title "Sequitur speculum peccatoris a beatissimo Augustino editum", inc. "Quoniam, karissimi, in via huius vite fugientis sumus ...", expl. "... Quod tibi concedat ille qui est benedictus in secula seculorum. Amen. Deo gratias. Explicit Speculum peccatoris a beatissimo Augustino editum" ( PL , XL, 983-92, ms. ends differently). ff. 108-110, Litania omnium sanctorum , title "Devota oratio ad Deum patrem et ad omnes sanctos", inc. "Deus pater qui creasti / mundum et illuminasti / suscipe me ...", expl. "... Da fidelibus defunctis / ne dampnentur in fornace / sed requiescant in pace. Amen" (G. M. Dreves, Analecta hymnica medii aevi, Pia dictamina, Reimgebete und Leselieder des Mittelalters, XV [Leipzig, 1893], 167-69). f. 110rv, inc. "Succurrite michi queso omnes sancti dei ad quorum ego miserrimus peccator ...", expl. "... vivit et regnat Deus in secula seculorum. Amen".
2nd. f.: nisi
Written in France , s. XV2.
Owned in the 17th cent. by the Celestines of Sainte Marie d’Ambert (Ambert in Clermont Ferrand in France), see note on f. 1, "Celestinorum Beate Marie de Amberto"; in the Le Normant Du Coudray collection, Orleans (a description of the manuscript, in French, appears on the third back flyleaf recto); f. 1, a late 17thߚcent. signature by M. Lietze, repeated on f. 110v; bought from Evans, (1800, no. 699; on second front flyleaf recto is the note "1800, bt. at Evans") by George Hamilton Gordon, Earl of Haddo, the 4th Earl of Aberdeen, President of the Society of Antiquaries and Prime Minister of England (1784-1860); front pastedown, library number "I: E: 60"; sold at Sotheby, 15 May 1901, lot 404, to Leighton; acquired from W. M. Voynich; gift of Robert Garrett in 1942.
Ullman, no. 79; De Ricci, p. 882, no. 93.

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