Census of the Petrarch Manuscripts in the United States


Ms. f. 104

Paper, ff. 477. f. 40r, Epytaphium Petrarce Epitaph of Petrarch. Ms. also contains: Miscellany of Paduan and Venetian historical interest, a composite volume of 93 pieces. Table of contents (s. XVIII) in the hand of one of the librarians of the Trevisan or Sorazanzo collections. ff. 2r-45v, Material of the Paduan Girolamo da S. Sofia (s. XV), including notes on Plautus, transcriptions of Roman inscriptions and the abbreviations used in such inscriptions, passages relating to Roman history, the copy of a letter of Laurus Quirinus sent to Girolamo da S. Sofia, dated 12 March 1448, and epitaphs of Jacobus Forliviensis and Paolo Nicoletti called Paulus Venetus. ff. 50v-55v, Form addresses for letters containing the names of professors at the university of Padua. ff. 55v-60v, Bibliography of St. Augustine . ff. 63r-65v, Ugo Benzi da Siena, a consilium or diet prescribed by Ugo Benzi for Girolamo da S. Sofia. ff. 85r-96v, 101r-103v, 108r-109v, 231r-234v, 236r-242v, 245r-251v, Material on the history of Padua: founding by Antenore, chronicle including the early years of the Carrara preeminence, annals of the city to 1404, a calendar with events of local importance, lists of the bishops and of the rectors of the city. ff. 97-98v, 104r-106r, 174r-198v, Material on the history of Venice and of the wars with the Ottman Turks, including the letter supposedly sent by the Sultan, presumably Mehmed II to pope Martin V, dated 3 January 1426. ff. 106r-107r, Description of the Hebrew armies . ff. 110v-111r, Prophecies; horoscope. ff. 112r-113v, Laurentinus de Padua, Contentio inter animum et corpus , here containing only the beginning. ff. 199r-222v, Commentary by Zan Hieronymo Monferrato di Calcagnini on the Libro del principe christiano , with dedication dated 4 May 1554. ff. 236r-237v, Chronicle of the wars between Attila and Theodoric quoting Eutropius. ff. 254r-264v, Lists of children devoured by wolves near Padua during the years 1592-1594. ff. 278r-283v, History of the founding of the eastern and western Roman Empires. f. 284rv, Copy of a deed of Berengar of Friuli ceding land near the theater of Verona to one Johannes Cancellarius, dated 913. ff. 289r-401v, Poetry in Italian. ff. 403r-484v, Prayers, charms and medical prescriptions. ORIGIN
Italy (Venice?), s. XV-XVIII.
Formerly in the Soranzo collection in Venice ( cod. 892 ).
De Ricci, Suppl., p. 148. Dutschke, "Supplement II," pp. 3-4.
Ms. not seen. The description is based on H. P. Kraus, Catalogue 38, Sidelights on the Renaissance [1945] pp. 68-73, and on Kristeller, Iter italicum, V, p. 246b.

Dutschke, Supplement II
Dutschke, D. "Census of Petrarch Manuscripts in the United States: Supplement II," Studi Petrarcheschi, NS, vol. 18, 2005, pp. 1-22.

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