Census of the Petrarch Manuscripts in the United States


Ms. 6A II (no. I)

Paper, and ff. 333-334 are parchment, ff. I-IV (modern paper) + 479 + I-IV (modern paper), modern pencil foliation, the ms. is a miscellany of ten items of varying sizes, ff. 99-110 measure 225 × 150 mm., the original cover measures 247 × 170 mm., one sonnet per page, ff. 99-110 are one quire of 12 folios, a horizontal catchword appears on the lower verso of each folio, written by one person in a cursive script. Decoration: on the upper margin of each folio is written Yhesu, with Ma[ria] added occasionally. Binding, white paper over paper boards. f. 108v, Francesco Coppetta Beccuti, Rime XLIII,1, inc. "Amor m’ha posto come scoglio a l’onda ...", expl. "... Quanto più si consuma, più s’affina", followed by the note "Ad imitation di quel di messer Francesco Petrarcha ‘Amor m’ha posto come segno a strale’" (Rerum vulg. fragm., no. 133); the sonnet and note appear in a quire of 12 folios (ff. 99-110) which contain sonnets by Coppetta; at the top margin of f. 99 is the rubric "Del coppetta". The sonnets are bound together with poems by various authors, including Giambattista di Lorenzo di Filippo Strozzi ‘il vecchio’, Federigo di Lorenzo Strozzi, Giovan Battista Vecchietti, Torquato Tasso and Galeazzo di Tarsia. ORIGIN
Written in Italy , s. XVI-XVII.
The manuscript was part of the Strozzi collection bought from the antiquarian L. Gonnelli of Florence in 1970.
Jasenas, p. 5, no. 3. A checklist of the "Strozzi Papers", compiled by Alberto M. Fortuna in 1966, is kept in a folder in the Newberry Library. See P. Cherchi, "Nuovi appunti sulle rime del Coppetta", Giornale storico della letteratura italiana, CXLVII (1970), 534-40. Dutschke, Census, no. 30, pp. 98-99.

1. F. Coppetta Beccuti, Rime, a cura di E. Chiorboli (Bari, 1912), 128.

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