Census of the Petrarch Manuscripts in the United States


V. a. 173

Paper (Pot, Briquet 12793), originally one volume, the ms. has been divided into two parts by inverting the texts of each part, Part I = ff. 1-43 and Part II = ff. 1-22, 190 × 142 mm. (written space varies), long lines of different length, 16 28 (-8th) 3-48 56 64 (-4th) 78 (-1st and 2nd) 86 96 (-1st) 108 112, no catchwords, no signatures or ruling, written by many persons, cursive scripts except for Part I, ff. 29v-43 in a semi-humanistic script with Italic features. No decoration. Binding, natural color limp parchment, remnants of two leather ties, binding quite soiled. Part I, f. 4, Petrarch (?), written in a 17thߚcent. cursive script, title "Ex Petrarcha de remediis utriusque f[ortune]", inc. "Res nec honeste geritur nec honeste cernitur. Hec facile dictu est ...", expl. "... Opere hic conducta est vestra non [.] tale medium perii (?)". Ms. also contains: A commonplace book of numerous extracts from 16thߚcent. authors on various moral, philosophical and religious subjects, entitled on f. 1 "Phrases collecta ex Tusculanarum questionibus libro primo"; Part 1 includes: ff. 1-2v, Index; ff. 4v-6, Extracts from Justus Lipsius, Letter to Abraham Ortelius , his Amphitheatrum and Epistolica institutio ; ff. 9-10, Extracts of a speech by Simon Trippe; ff. 24-26v, Extracts of a speech in 1582 by Magister Cooke; ff. 27-28, Lodovick Lloyd, Extracts from the Tragicomedie of Serpents dated 1607; ff. 28v-29v, Lodovick Lloyd, Welcome speech to Christian, King of Denmark, in 1607; ff. 29v-32v, Extracts from Edmond Campion’s speech for Queen Elizabeth, Oxford, 1566; ff. 33-34, Latin poetry on the Quadrivium and Trivium (cfr. Walther, Initia carminum, no. 7273), title "Gram. loquitur. Dia. verba docet. Rhet. verba colorat. Mu. canit. Ar. numerat. Geo. ponderat. As. metit astra", inc. " Grammatica. Tu quae prima loco es quo nomine virgo vocaris (12 lines) ... olim stabilis ante fores"; "Dialectica. Virgo sequens quod nomen habes, Dialectica quare (12 lines) ... Me colite et lucis conspicietis opus"; f. 33v, "Rhetorica. At tu septenas inter speciosa sorores (12 lines) ... Floribus ornari gaudeo rhetoricis"; "Musica. Quarta chori rectrix, cedo quo nomine virgo (12 lines) ... Qui mea contemnis dona malancholice"; ff. 33v-34, "Arithmetica. Fecit ab officio graecum mihi nomen ἄριθμος (12 lines) ... Dissimilis acies convenit alta meis"; f. 34, "Astronomia. Prima quod astrorum leges motusque notavi (12 lines) ... Dignus ut aeterna luce careret, eat"; "Geometria. Ultima virgo chorum quae septima claudo sororum (12 lines) ... Is meruit docti nomen habere viri", followed by a prose text on ff. 34v-35, "Est sane quod doleam vehementer (colendissime pater) tempus opportunum vel non esse oblatum saepius ... latissimis exeat ac saepius recurrat semper foelicior"; ff. 35-37, Campion’s sermon on the death of Sir Thomas White (1567); ff. 37-39v, Extracts from a "congratulatio" speech by Tobie Mathew (Apb. of York, 1546-1628) on the visit of Robert Dudley to Oxford (5 Sept. 1570); ff. 39v-43, Thomas Doch, funeral oration on the death of Robert Onslow. Part II contains orations on various topics: f. 1rv, Notes on Brentius; ff. 1v-9v, 12rv, Muret’s orations and epistolae; f. 15rv, blank; ff. 10-22v, Aulus Gellius, Noctes Atticae ; followed by other unidentified extracts and a poem. ORIGIN
Written in England , s. XVIIin..
Owned by Edward Dowden, his sale by Hodgson & Co., London, 9 June 1914, lot 5.
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