Census of the Petrarch Manuscripts in the United States


Petrarch PQ 4489 A1 + 1496

Paper, ff. 2, 282 × 206 (220 × 150) mm., written by one person, lettre bâtarde . Decoration: each psalm begins with a 4ߚline red initial; many portions of the text are underlined in red. Binding, 16thߚcent. natural color parchment over wooden boards, decorated with blind stamps and rolls, center panel of lozenges with flowers, pears and fleur-de-lis, two original clasps, straps missing, and on a leather label is written "Petrarchae opera latina Basileae 1496". ff. 1-2, Ps. Petrarch, Psalmi confessionales , title "Francisci poete laureati et oratoris clarissimi psalmi confessionales", inc. "Dies effluunt et labuntur anni ..., expl. "... et confitentem tibi Domine ne repellas. Gloria patri etc." (Hain, 12804-12805).
The manuscript is bound with the printed text of the Basel edition of the Liber Augustalis: Benvenuti de Rambaldis cum pluribus aliis opusculis Francisci Petrarchae (Basel, 1496) (Hain, 12749). The printed text is followed by six manuscript folios, title "Auctoritates varie philosophorum, poetarum, oratorum et aliorum scriptorum de rebus variis collecte et primo de fama bona et mala etc.", inc. "Fama a fando dicitur ...", expl. "... Responsio mollis frangit iram, sermo durus suscitat furorem".
Written in France , s. XVIin.
On the front pastedown is W. Fiske bookplate and written in pencil " Brunel IV 565 "; from W. Fiske bequest, 1904 (Cat., pp. 2, 68).
Ullman, no. 24; De Ricci, p. 1247, Pet. + A. 496; A. H. Gilbert, "Petrarch’s Confessional Psalms", Romanic Review, II (1911), 429-43.

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