Census of the Petrarch Manuscripts in the United States


Mss Bd. Petrarch P P49 P81

Paper (watermark hidden in the binding), ff. 32, not foliated, 112 × 68 (100 × 54) mm., 26-28 long lines, 110 212 38 (+ two folios at the end), catchwords on each page, frame ruled in light brown ink, written by one person, cursive script. Decoration: red initials throughout. Modern binding, brown calf over paper boards. ff. 16-20v, Petrarch, Psalmi penitentiales , title "Francisci Petrarchae, septem psalmi poenitentiales", inc. "1. Heu mihi misero, quia iratum adversum ...", expl. "... ne corruam sub extremis, Gloria Patri, etc. sicut etc. Litania cum precibus adiunctis habes fol. 527" (ed. Cochin, Pétrarque, Les Psaumes pénitentiaux) (the concluding note refers to the litany and prayers which follow the psalms in the Diurnal printed text); the Petrarch psalms are preceded and followed by prayers and litanies, ff. 1-15v and ff. 21-32v. The psalms are bound at the end of a printed Diurnal; there are also 19 folios at the beginning of the printed text with manuscript prayers. ORIGIN
Written in Germany , s. XVII, prior to the 1623 ownership note on f. 14v.
Owned by Martin Braunmüller in Regensburg, Germany, who has signed on f. 14v, "Istas orationes inscripsit Ven. P. D. Martinus Braunmüller Babenhausanus sacerdos (?) professus, senior, et alias prior laudatissimus domus sancti Viti Martyris in Pruell prope Ratisbonam. Professus est 2a febr. 1623, ut ipsemet annotaverat in Calendario huius diurnalis, R.J.P.".

Psalmi penitentiales:
Cochin, H. Pétrarque, Les Psaumes pénitentiaux publiés d’après le ms. de Lucerne. Paris, 1929.

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