Census of the Petrarch Manuscripts in the United States


Mss Bd. Petrarch P P492 D24

Paper (Lettre P, similar to Briquet 8565), ff. I-III (modern paper) + 12 + I-III (modern paper), modern foliation, 203 × 139 (170 × 90) mm., 30-31 long lines, 16 26, ruled by three folds 45 mm. apart, written by one person, cursive script. Decoration: space has been left blank for an initial on f. 1 and f. 7. Modern binding by Q. and C. Mc Leish, brown half calf over paper boards, and on the spine is "Francisci Petrarche de vera sapientia ms. saec. XV". ff. 1-12, Ps. Petrarch, De vera sapientia , title "Venerabilis Francisci Petrarche de vera sapientia, liber primus sive dyalogus feliciter incipit; collocutores sunt Ydiota et Orator", inc. "[C]onvenit pauper quidem Ydiota ...", expl. "... sapientia semper benedicta. Amen. Finit liber secundus et ultimus Francisci Petrarchae de vera sapientia. Deo gratias. Amen" (ed. Basel, 1554, 364-72; Nicolai de Cusa Opera omnia, V [Hamburg, 1983], LXV-LXXII). f. 12v, Prayer to the Virgin , inc. "Salve stella maris que cunctis clarior estis ...", expl. "... Esto salutare semper cum prole beata" (Chevalier, Repertorium hymnologicum, no. 18243).
2nd. f.: ut tu
Written in Germany (?), s. XV2.
Bought of Laurence Witten; W. Fiske bookplate on the front pastedown; on the front flyleaf is written "618" and " s. 1187 "; on the back flyleaf is written in pencil "17 Dec. 1917/7/6".
Jasenas, p. 5, no. 6.

De vera sapientia (ps. Petrarch):
Francisci Petrarchae Florentini ... Opera quae extant omnia. Basileae, 1554. 364-72.
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